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Waterman Pens

Waterman is a luxury pen manufacturer based in France. They specialize in a selection of high-quality pens, with a particular focus on fountain pens. Legend has it that in 1884 Lewis Edson Waterman invented a new fountain pen technology after losing a big sale with a client due to a leaky fountain pen. A few years later Waterman Pens received the gold medal of Excellence at the “Exposition Universelle” in Paris. This famed level of design and manufacturing continues to the current day.
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Waterman Allure Rollerball Pen


$13.92 - $25.23
The Waterman Allure collection has a contemporary, stylish design that's perfect for students and professionals. With a French-influenced bold yet elegant pastel finish, the Waterman pen makes for a strong first step into the fine writing world. Based on a classic Waterman design, the Allure’s smooth metal body and range of modern trims provide a premium look and feel that's sure to impress, whether in a classroom or the boardroom.
Waterman Carène Fountain Pen


$154.17 - $248.73
The Carène colleciton takes its inspiration from luxury boat design. It is made using elegantly crafted materials in France, and includes a 2-year international warranty.
Waterman Carène Deluxe Fountain Pen

Carène Deluxe

$208.64 - $311.42
The Carène Deluxe range is inspired by luxury boat design and crafted in noble materials, with an artist’s attention to detail. The pen is presented in a premium Waterman gift box.
Waterman Embleme Fountain Pen


$44.20 - $71.95
The Emblème range from Waterman features a stainless steel cap and barrel with precious resin finishes inspired by the Parisian skyline. The stainless steel nib is embellished with an intricate design that evokes the Eiffel Tower. It comes with a 2-year international warranty, which may be extended to 4 years with registration.
Waterman Exception Slim Fountain Pen

Exception Slim

$289.84 - $390.56
The Exception range's unique square design with four layers of deep lacquer to give a sublime feel in the hand, while the clever bayonet system ensures the cap always aligns squarely. The Waterman pen comes with a 2-year international warranty, which may be extended to 4 years with registration.
Waterman Expert Fountain Pen


$92.50 - $314.50
The Waterman Expert Fountain Pen epitomises a luxury writing experience, with a classic, deep lacquer finish and fine craftsmanship. Possessing Parisian style, the pen is prefect as an executive gift and comes presented in a Waterman gift box.
Waterman Expert Deluxe Fountain Pen

Expert Deluxe

$109.74 - $156.22
The Waterman Expert Deluxe Fountain Pen's deep, lacquered finish and fine craftsmanship reveal a creative spirit beneath your executive persona. It is crafted in France and presented in a premium gift box.
Waterman Expert Metallic Special Edition Fountain Pen

Expert Metallic Special Edition

$117.17 - $156.22
The Waterman Expert’s traditional design is updated with a shining, metallic lacquer effect. The four exclusive pens each feature black ruthenium-plated trims, black PVD stainless-steel nibs and metallic effect lacquer and are, quite simply, made to stand out.
Waterman Hemisphere 10 Fountain Pen

Hemisphere 10

$56.06 - $94.09
Waterman Hémisphère pens are as great to write with as they are beautiful to look at. They combine attractive finishes, patterns and style with the perfect balance of light weight and effortless writing.
Waterman Hemisphere 18 Fountain Pen

Hemisphere 18

$74.00 - $94.09
This Waterman Hémisphère proudly showcases the best French design, creating a harmonious balance of lightweight performance and style with vibrant colours, beautiful lacquers and fashionable patterns inspired by proudly Parisian style.
Waterman Hemisphere 20 Fountain Pen

Hemisphere 20

$74.00 - $120.25
The Hemisphere range is a tribute to the rich and vibrant colour of Parisian elegance and luxury, inspired by Waterman's heritage. Fine tools are an expression of passion and each pen in the Hemisphere range features a standout design and a clean, modern style.