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Since 1913 Tombow of Japan has been associated with designer writing instruments and original office products. Each Tombow product is a successful fusion of beauty, ergonomics and technical perfection. Appearance and practicality complement one another.

Many Tombow products have received renowned design prizes, such as the 'Haus Industrieform' (Essen) prize, the 'Industrie Forum Design Hanover' prize and the 'Design Plus Award' from the well-known Frankfurt Paperworld show. These awards reflect the perfection and innovation this company constantly aims for, and achieves.

The Tombow range includes fountain pens, rollerball and ballpoint pens, alongside multifunctional writing instruments.

You can read a review of the Tombow Airpress ballpoint pen on our blog.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us, as we are able to supply you with any item you would like from the Tombow pen collection.


ABT Brush Pen

Double ended brush pen with bush tip for colouring large areas and fine tip for detail work. Available in 95 colours, blend-able with the blender pen.


ABT Brush Pen Set of 6

Pack of 6 Tombow ABT brush pens. Available in 5 colourways.


ABT Brush Pen Set of 12

Pack of 12 Tombow ABT brush pens. Available in 5 colourways.


ABT Brush Pen Set of 18

Pack of 18 Tombow ABT brush pens. Available in 4 colourways.


Mono Zero Eraser

Precision refillable eraser pen.


Mono One Eraser

Handy pocket size pencil eraser.



The AirPress ballpoint pen delivers pressurised ink simply by clicking the button to extend the point to write.



Inspired by Cuban Cigars, winner of two design awards. Avaliable as Fountain and Roller Ball pens.



A range of mechanical pencils with a clever 'body bend' mechanism with brightly coloured translucent barrels and large contrasting rubberised grip section.


Reporter 4

Multifunction pen with 4 colours, large comfortable rubberised grip section and sprung clip.


Reporter 4 Compact

A compact 4 colour multifunction pen available in 6 vibrant colours.


XPA Telescopic Ballpoint Pens

A sporty, telescopic aluminium ball pen with a satin black finish. Retracts to 10cm, extends to a full length pen.


Zoom 101 Carbon Fibre Pens

Sleek new range of light-weight carbon fibre pens avaliable as fountain, rollerball and ball pens.

$90.78 - $100.88

Zoom 707

The Tombow Zoom 707 is probably the thinnest writing instrument in the world. The multi-award winning Zoom 707 is available as a ball pen or mechanical pencil.

$24.17 - $47.94

Zoom 707 de Luxe

A de Luxe version of the popular slim Tombow Zoom 707 pen and pencil in shiny chrome.


Zoom 717

A very compact and slender ball pen available in three vibrant colours.


Zoom 727

The Zoom 727 is an award winning, slim ball pen of modern design.



We carry the complete range of Tombow pen refills including the excellent 'Superpen' rollerball refill, ballpoint refills, pencils leads and erasers