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Visconti Van Gogh Fountain Pen

Visconti Van Gogh Portrait Blue fountain pen - 1
Visconti Van Gogh Portrait Blue fountain pen - 1 Visconti Van Gogh Portrait Blue fountain pen - 2 Visconti Van Gogh Portrait Blue fountain pen - 3 Visconti Van Gogh Portrait Blue fountain pen - 4

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Essential info

  • Fine nib width
  • Magnetic fitting cap
  • Accepts standard cartridge type or may be filled from an inkwell using a converter supplied seperately
  • Colours inspired by the works of Van Gogh
  • Each pen is supplied with a gift box complete with an insert featuring the painting that matches that pen
  • The 'marbled' resin with which these pens are made gives each pen a unique colouration & patterning - no two pens are identical
  • Diameter: 13mm
  • Length: 124mm
  • Length capped: 140mm
  • Length posted: 156mm


The new Visconti Van Gogh collection was launched in October 2011 a replacement for the very popular range of the same name discontinued in the previous year.

These beautifully coloured pens take inspiration from the three Van Gogh masterpieces: 'Starry Night', 'Sunflowers' and 'Room in Arles'.

The barrels of the new Van Gogh pen collection feature sixteen facets giving a subtle and pleasing effect which catches the light very effectively.

The capped pens of this collection feature a magnetic closure - the cap and grip house hidden magnets which keep the pen securely closed when not in use and help prevent accidental loss.

Each Van Gogh pen is presented with a gift box featuring the Van Gogh work from which it takes its colouring.

Reviews (2)

Very good value and quality


This is a gorgeous pen. Very good quality for the money.Was bought as a birthday present and she is delighted with it . Great service from the Pen Company was icing on the cake! Recommended.

Van Gough Fountain Pen


Bought this pen as a gift for my wife who is delighted with its eye catching appearance, ballance and magnetic cap. She does say, however, that it is a little heavier than the fountain she has become used to over the last couple of years or so but she is looking forward to adjusting to using the Van Gough. Overall a very nice pen and well worth the cost.

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