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Visconti Homo Sapiens Rollerball Pen

Visconti Homosapiens rollerball - bronze - 4
Visconti Homosapiens rollerball - bronze - 4 Visconti Homosapiens rollerball - bronze - 2 Visconti Homosapiens rollerball - bronze - 1 Visconti Homosapiens rollerball - bronze - 3

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Essential info

  • Bronze trim
  • Accepts standard rollerball refill
  • Visconti's 'hook lock safe' cap system
  • Basaltic lava barrel and cap
  • Articulated sprung clip


The Homosapiens range has been created from basaltic lava rock from mount Etna catalysed with resin to create a unique material that is incredibly strong and very tactile.

The fountain pen features a 23k solid palladium "dreamtouch" nib, a nib created by Visconti that requires no pressure to put down a line, allowing thoughts to flow effortlessly onto the page.

The fountain and roller pens both make use of Visconti's "Hook safe lock" cap closure, the sprung mechanism in the cap interlocks with the grooves on the barrel - a small turn is all that is required to close the pen, when the cap is released the spring pushes the cap into the locks and seals the pen. A gentle push down and twist will quickly remove the cap.


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