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Essential info

  • Unique patented bottle shape to ensure use of every last drop
  • 60ml plastic bottle

Reviews (1)

Good service but so-so product


Ordered this bottle from the website and it came promptly and was well packed.
It is a plastic bottle and feels quite cheap so I was a bit disappointed for the money. I had hoped to have a nice bottle which I could reuse in the future but never mind. Also the design doesn't really work because the bottle falls over very easily so it would only be a matter time before I spilt ink everywhere unless very careful. I would order from pencompany again though

Everyone who used Visconti ink was very disappointed when they changed the bottle several years ago. It used to come in a glass bottle inside a two part card box which slid apart and which users really appreciated. We can't understand why they changed it to this plastic version: it can't have been that much of a saving and it has upset a lot of people. Both this new version and the original have the Visconti design which allows easy filling when the level gets low, but you do have to be careful with it while it is still full (the original you could leave in the box to start with to secure it while filling). Although it is not cheap, Visconti ink is still very good and much more economical than some of it's rivals.

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