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Red Sheaffer Calligraphy Mini Kit Fountain Pen - F/M/B Stub

Sheaffer calligraphy mini kit - 1
Sheaffer calligraphy mini kit - 1 Sheaffer calligraphy mini kit - 2 Sheaffer Mini Calligraphy set - 3 Sheaffer Mini Calligraphy set - 4

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Essential info

  • One Viewpoint calligraphy pen
  • Three interchangeable nib grades
  • Fine, medium and broad colour coded stub nibs
  • Maybe filled from an inkwell using a converter - supplied seperately
  • Includes easy step-by-step instructions
  • Sheaffer limited 1 year warranty


This handy calligraphy kit from Sheaffer contains everything you need: the Viewpoint cap and barrel, with it's window for checking ink level, three colour coded nib sections: broad (2.0mm), medium (1.5mm) and fine (1.0mm), four colour Skrip ink cartridges and the Sheaffer instruction leaflet, all carefully packed in a card box with fitted tray.

The Viewpoint barrel will also accept the Sheaffer piston converter (available separately), enabling refilling from an inkwell and a wider choice of inks.


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