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Green Schneider Gelion 39 Refill Refill

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Essential info
  • Green gel ink
  • Standard G2, parker style ballpoint refill size
  • Fits many brands of pen
  • Black and blue ink are waterproof and light resistant
  • 0.4mm line width
Reviews (4)
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Nice and Wet
By Rodney C.
I got the refills to replace the highly acclaimed Schmidt P8126/P8120. To be fair, the Schmidts write wonderfully...initially, that is. The P8120, in particular, is akin to a Schneider 755 XB in smoothness, but lays down a solid, distinct line. But not for long. As more ink is used up, the Schmidts write more and more like ballpen. The Gelions look promising. They write wet, which I like. They also are a perfect match for my machined pen. I have a feeling they will perform with consistency until the very last drop. And of course, great service from The Pen Company.
Gelion refill by Schneider
By roberto rosales
Excellent color and easiness of writing. Much better than Parker's Gel. Hard to find!
Very good quick service
By Robert O
Not easy to find green G2 refills, the ones I currently use don't last too long and dry up at crucial times. The Gelions look and feel better, also like the clear case, so maybe able to see ink levels.
excellent service , price , quality
By Arnold K.
I had been looking for a fine line Standard G2 (Parker) gel refill. I found one North American refill that skipped and delivered a wishy washy charcoal coloured line...not an intense black that I favour. In my travel through the internet,I came across the Gelion 39 refill sold by the Pen Company.I placed my order and it arrived at my door in Toronto Canada within the week...shockingly fast. Also , the cost including shipping was cheaper than other gel refills that I bought here.The refill itself produced a really black line without a hint of skipping or blobbing.Left handers beware, because the ink doesn't dry quite as fast as some other brands.Also,the advertised 0.4 mm line width is a tad optimistic.With my writing style ( I'm a bit heavy handed),it produced a line width of about 0.7 mm which is not as fine as I would like.I am not inclined to order the Gelion again, but am inclined to look to the Pen Company when I make purchases of pens or supplies......really good people to deal with.
By N H Ford
What other brands of pen are compatible with the standard G2 Parker ballpoint refill?
The G2 size refill is the most common ballpoint refill shape and is used in the majority of ballpoint pens that we sell, there are a few brands we supply that use their own unique refills, such as Lamy, Caran d'Ache and Sheaffer (although Sheaffer do a 'T' ballpoint refill that is G2). The pens on our site have their refill set as an associated product under the main product - if that refill looks like the Schneider Gelion (most are metal bodied though) then this refill will be a suitable substitute. If there is a specific item you would like us to confirm that this refill will fit - just let us know.