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Schmidt P812 Rollerball Refill

Black Schmidt P8127M-500 Rollerball Refill - 1



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Essential info

  • Part no. P8127M-500
  • Medium point width
  • Capless rollerball refill with 1 year cap-off time
  • High quality German manufacture
  • Standard rollerball refill size
  • Suitable replacement for other brands
  • Diameter: 6.8mm
  • Length: 97.5mm


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Questions (1)

I want to replace a standard G2 ballpoint refill with a rollerball refill. Will your Black Schmidt P812 Rollerball Refill Fine Part no. P8126F-500 fit? The dimensions appear right on length at 97.5mm versus I believe 98.0mm for the G2, but the diameter at 6.8mm is slightly larger than the G2 at 5.8mm.

Asked by Nigel

No, the P812 will not fit a pen that accept the G2 standard ballpoint refill.

The correct refill for your needs is the Schmidt P9000 Easyflow refill - this is a rollerball refill in an identical G2 package:

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