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Sailor Jentle Ink Seasons

Sailor Seasons ink Doyou 1
Sailor Seasons ink Doyou 1 Sailor Seasons ink Doyou 2 Sailor Seasons ink Doyou 4 Sailor Seasons ink Doyou 5


Sorry, this product is no longer available

Essential info

  • Dark grey/black
  • High quality ink from Sailor, Japan
  • 50 mL glass bottle with easy-fill liner
  • Available in eight different colours

Reviews (1)

Just really wonderful black/deep brown ink


Is it black or is it brown? - Well, most of the time it looks black, but has a wonderful organic feel to it.

This ink is hugely under-reviewed and under-rated in my view. Its heavily pigmented and very complex, very well behaved and just wonderful to use and read.

I would say that it has probably become my favourite ink, certainly my favourite black. It's also not easy to find in the UK, so thank you to The Pen Company for stocking it. Try it.

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