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Stainless Steel Porsche Design P3130 Mikado Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm

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Stainless Steel


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Essential info

  • Unique barrel design made of 17 polished stainless steel stems
  • Trim and clip palladium plated
  • Clip may be removed if desired
  • Actuated by twisting barrel
  • Accepts standard 0.7mm leads
  • Diameter: 12mm
  • Length: 148mm


The Porsche Design P'3130 range comprises of a ball pen and 0.7mm mechanical pencil. Each has a barrel constructed of 17 highly polished stainless steel stems.

The point is actuated by twisting the barrel, during this process the stems move first straightening and then resettling to form the waist of the barrel.

The clip may be removed giving the P'3130 a sleeker look - the clip locks and unlocks with a quarter turn.

The P'3130 series accept standard refill types.


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