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Porsche Design P3125 Slim Line Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm




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Essential info

  • Titanium coloured slim-line aluminium barrel
  • Retractable articulated clip
  • Accepts standard 0.7mm leads
  • Eraser housed under the end-cap
  • Diameter: 9mm
  • Length: 247mm


A new addition to the Porsche Design writing instrument range, the slim-line P3125 combines sleek clean lines, with an intelligent combination mechanism. The ball pen and mechanical pencil have a clever retracting clip; when in use the clip withdraws into the barrel for an uninterrupted surface.

The fountain pen has a 18-carat gold rhodium plated nib, with a special lining in the cap to prevent the pen from drying out.

The Porsche Design P3125 fountain pen, ball pen and mechanical pencil are available in sandblasted stainless steel: 'Titanium' and a PVD coated version: 'Graphite'.

All the writing instruments in the P'3125 range accept standard refill types.


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