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Pelikan Souverän 300 Mechanical Pencil

Black-Green Pelikan Souverän D300 Mechanical Pencil - 1
Black-Green Pelikan Souverän D300 Mechanical Pencil - 1 Pelikan G15 Gift Box - 2

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Essential info

  • Distinctive green striped celluloid barrel with black resin and gold accents
  • Twist mechanism
  • Eraser concealed under end-cap
  • Accepts standard 0.7mm leads
  • Celluloid body with 24-carat gold plated trim
  • Characteristic Pelikan 'beak' clip
  • Smallest model in the Souverän range


The Souverän 300 is the smallest of this world renowned range. The fountain pen measures in at a diminutive 11cm when capped. Perfect for writers who prefer the feel of a smaller pen. The 300 is finished with 24-carat gold accents.

The distinctive green and black striped material that makes up the barrels of the Souverän range is composed from a celluloid cotton base using a formula developed specially for Pelikan. The layers are slowly built up over months before being sliced and shaped using a natural diamond.

The resin cap features characteristic double rings precisely integrated to present a seamless transition between materials. The glossy barrels are complemented to great effect with 24-carat gold. The clip of the Pelikan represents a beak, another characteristic unique to this historic manufacturer who hold one of the oldest trademarks in Germany.

Pelikan especially pride themselves on their expertise in creating nibs, inks and feeds; their mastery over these essential components enables them to create fine-writing instruments of the highest quality.

The Pelikan Souverän D300 accepts standard refill types and uses a 0.7mm lead width.


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