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Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Cap

Blue Lamy Safari fountain pen cap




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Essential info

  • Replacement cap for Lamy Safari fountain pen

Reviews (2)

To the rescue


The ability to buy just the cap from here saved me from buying a full duplicate pen. The Safari caps have a known fauot where they stop securing. When my near new Lamy I'd bought while on holidays started having this issue. I was frustrated. This was a great solution. The replacement has not had the same issue.

The Pen Company is amazing!!!!


My grandson broke the cap on his Lamy Safari Fountain Pen but was still using it so I checked around locally to see if anyone carried just the caps. Had no success. But one of the folks I spoke with suggested I check The Pen Company online and I did. They had parts for pens so I found the cap and ordered it in black. The next day my grandson asked to make sure I had ordered the cap in Charcoal to match his pen. I hadn't so sent the company a note asking them if they could possibly switch the color for me. Received a note from them saying it had been switched and was being mailed the next day. It arrived a couple of days later in perfect condition. The Pen Company is amazing. I would highly recommend doing business with them anytime. Thanks!!!!!

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