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Lamy Z61/7 Pencil Mechanism 0.7mm

Lamy Replacement Mechanical Pencil Mechanism Z61/7 0.7mm - 1




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Essential info

  • Replacement 0.7mm pencil mechanism for Lamy Studio & 4pen multifunction pens
  • Part no. Z61/7
  • Diameter: 2mm
  • Length: 34mm

Reviews (5)

perfect fit. saved an old friend


Broke the pencil mechanism on my multi pen. Thought it was done for. Then the new part saved it from oblivion.

Fantastic Service and Prices


I received my parts 10 days after placing the order, which included postage to Sydney, Australia. The Lamy Z61/7 Pencil Mechanism replaced one in my Lamy Quad pen that had a slightly bent tip due to being dropped. Your price including postage, for the mechanism, 2x Red Lamy M21 Mini Ball Pen Refills and 2x Blue Lamy M21 Mini Ball Pen Refills, was less than I was being quoted for the pencil mechanism alone in Sydney.
I can highly recommend The Pen Company!



After the pencil mechanism of my beloved Lamy 4in1 pen got a whack and didn't work properly I though I would have to invest in a whole new pen. But lo and behold, after some searching I find this excellent company in the UK that sells just the mechanism. A few days later the small made it across the Atlantic, and my 4in1 was good as new for a fraction of the price of a new pen. Thanks!

Excellent Service


Having been told by a series of polished high street sales people that the only way I could get the pencil repaired on my multifunction Lamy pen would be to send it back to the suppliers in Germany I was pleased to find The Pen Company. Within less than three days I had a new pencil mechanism and a fully working multi-functional pen with a range of coloured pen refills as well.

Absolutely impressed with the description of products, speed of delivery, the price and obvious attention to detail of The Pen Company. For years I have used a similarly named famous high street shop, from here on in I will turn to The Pen Company first for my replacement and refill needs.

Just Excellent


This is one of the best suppliers I have ever met. They treat small orders with same interest and importance as big ones. All customers are important. Delivery is quick and cheap, even internationally. Very professional and customers can ask any question getting answers in less than 24 hrs. Just great!

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