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Lamy Z55 14K Bi-Colour Gold Nib

Lamy Gold Nib-Spare Part - 1

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Essential info

  • Medium nib width
  • Replacement gold nib for Lamy fountain pens
  • Fits all Lamy fountain pens except the 2000
  • 14-Carat gold with platinum plating


These nibs are replacement gold nibs for Lamy fountain pens, to fit all current models with the exception of the 2000.

The nibs are platinum plated 14-carat gold and are easily exchanged by sliding on and off of the feed of the existing pen.

Available in six widths: extra fine, fine, medium, broad, oblique medium and oblique broad.

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Great quality, fast shipment


Great quality nib, arrived within a few days of ordering!

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Questions (1)

Hi, is it possible to install a stub nib for caligraphy on a Lamy Dialog Fountain Pen? Thanks! JRE

Asked by José R Elizondo

Yes, with the exception of the 2000 fountain pen it is possible to interchange the nibs on any other Lamy fountain pen. The Z55 gold nibs are made to the same dimensions as the Z50 steel nibs so can be swapped.

Lamy only produce the Stub nibs in the steel Z50 - these will fit any Lamy fountain pen except the 2000.

So, you can fit a Z50 stub nib to your Dialogue, however, this will effectively be replacing the original 14K gold nib with a steel nib.

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