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Essential info

  • The first capless pen with retractable clip
  • Twist mechaism
  • Automatic internal 'ball valve' seal
  • Platinum plated 14-Carat gold nib
  • Accepts Lamy T10 ink cartridges or may be filled from an inkwell with converter included
  • Beech wood gift box
  • Designed by Franco Clivio
  • Diameter: 13mm
  • Length extended: 157mm
  • Length retracted: 140mm


The Lamy Dialog 3 is Lamy's first capless fountain pen and the very first fountain pen with both a retractable nib and clip.

The Dialog 3 uses a twist mechanism to slide the nib from the barrel and simultaneously the clip retract in towards the barrel. As the pen is twisted to retract or eject the nib an internal cap slides back or forth and seals the retracted nib safe from harm and dirt.

The Dialog 3 was designed by Franco Clivio in keeping with his philosophy to strip away any superfluous features and derive quality from what is technically necessary, giving the Dialog 3 a striking minimalist appearance.

The Dialog 3 has a palladium finish and a 14-carat gold nib with platinum plating. The Dialog 3 accepts Lamy T10 ink cartridges or may be filled from an inkwell with the converter supplied.

Nib grades available: EF, F, M, B, OM, OB


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