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Essential info

  • Extra fine nib
  • Brushed Makrolon resin barrel and cap
  • Brushed stainless steel trims
  • Platinum plated 14-carat gold nib
  • Piston filling mechanism - must be filled from an inkwell
  • Articulated clip
  • Diameter: 13mm
  • Length capped: 138mm
  • Length posted: 150mm


The original Lamy 2000 is a design legend. The fountain pen, created in 1966, is a writing instrument for the modern era. It's sleek design determined by function alone has won the hearts of design enthusiasts the world over.

The Lamy 2000 series proves to be as popular as ever with five variants - the latest addition to the collection, the rollerball pen was created in October 2006 - 40 years after the original.

The Lamy 2000 collection is manufactured from brushed Macrolon resin, reinforced with glass fibre, and stainless steel.

The Lamy 2000 is available in the following variants: ball pen, rollerball pen, 4in1 multi pen, mechanical pencil and a piston filling fountain pen with platinum plated 14-carat gold nib.

Reviews (3)



Don't expect much feedback or line variation, a vintage Waterman this isn't but it will write without trouble or fuss. There's a reason everyone likes this pen, it just works! Got Kon Peki in mine at it looks luuuurvly.

Classic Design and no need to change


I agree with John, great engineering in a design that dates back many years and still looks modern today. The 2000 works and looks well in the board room, the classroom or the cube farm. You can enjoy the smoothness and deep ink lines of a fountain pen without drawing a lot of attention to you or the pen. A 2000 in medium is frequently ion my daily rotation

An instant favourite


I have quite a few fountain pens and this one has become my constant companion. From a photograph it looks understated, but, when handled, you can appreciate the engineering skills and thought that went into its design. The nib writes very smoothly from the off and the reservoir holds a good amount of ink. The Lamy A31 pen case is the perfect home for it.

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