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Essential info

  • Dual Length Fountain Pen
  • Machined from solid brass
  • Very durable
  • Accepts a standard short cartridge
  • May be filled from an inkwell using converter supplied seperately
  • Accepts standard Kaweco converter when used with extension piece
  • Diameter: 12.5mm
  • Length capped: 130mm
  • Length posted: 165mm
  • Short length capped: 99mm
  • Short length posted: 134mm


A full size fountain pen when you need one and a short pocket pen when that is what you need: the Kaweco Supra is two pens in one! Machined from solid brass, the robust Kaweco Supra comes with a separate extender section which adds 31mm to the length. The ideal pen for the active and sporty for whom anything other than a fountain pen is just not acceptable.

The Supra accepts a standard 'short' cartridge and the larger 250 nib is available in EF, F, M, B and BB grades.


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