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Essential info

  • Mini fountain pen converter for Kaweco Sport pens
  • Also suitable for other short pens where a standard converter is too long
  • Diameter: 7mm
  • Length extended: 51mm
  • Length retracted: 33.5mm

Reviews (1)

Looks tidy


I bought the converter cause it looks better than a cartridge and I don't use it for long writing periods. The capacity of this converter is less than a short cartridge so if capacity is a thing for you and you don't eye dropper your pen then you may be better with cartridges and refilling cartridges. It suits me though.

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Questions (1)

Does the mini converter fit the Liliput pen?

Asked by Ruth

These "Mini converter" does not fit the Liliput pens - it is too long when the piston is pulled out.

For Liliput pens you need to use the Kaweco's "Squeeze" converter to fill your pen with bottled ink. These can be found here:


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