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Light Blueberry Kaweco Frosted Sport Fountain Pen - Fine

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Light Blueberry
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Fountain Pen
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Essential info
  • Opaque cyan/blue barrel with silver accents
  • Uses a 060 steel nib available in 5 widths
  • 10.5 cm when closed
  • Standard full-length pen with cap posted
  • Opaque ice-like barrels give a glimpse of the inner workings
  • Six fruit-inspired pastel colours with silver metal accents
  • Iconic hexagonal barrel
  • Modern variation on the classic 1935 design
  • Cap diameter: 13mm
  • Barrel diameter: 11mm
  • Length capped: 106mm
  • Length posted: 133mm
  • Opaque ice-like barrels give the Frosted Sport a pleasing milky appearance with the inner workings of the pen just visible through plastic barrels. This modern variation on the 1935 classic features six fruit-inspired pastel colours complemented by silver metal accents and a silver embossed logo running along the length of the cap. German manufacturer Kaweco tell us the the light colours and fresh names are inspired by the feeling of summer.

    When closed these unique hexagonal pens fit easily in the pocket and extend to a standard full-length pen with the cap posted on the barrel.

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I love this pen
By Tina Livigni
This is a spectacular pen, I am so happy to have found it. It’s size is great, feels natural in your hand and the weight is just right to give you the feel of this amazing Nib on paper. I have the fine Nib but I’m going to guess all the sizes are going be pretty good, I’m ordering a Med. next. I am a bit of a pen connoisseur and this one is a great value and writes every bit as good if not better than many of my more expensive pens. I definitely recommend!!