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Hugo Boss Kite Grid Rollerball Pen




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Essential info

  • Full length of pen body textured with engraved grid pattern
  • Black barrel with chrome accents
  • Sleek, tapered body is modern and refined
  • Accepts standard rollerball refills and comes with a black Hugo Boss refill
  • Diameter: 11mm
  • Length: 115mm
  • Length capped: 142mm
  • Length posted: 164mm


The Hugo Boss 'Kite Grid' range features sleek, tapered pens textured with a tactile and attractive engraved grid pattern along the full length of the pen body. Glossy black combines with chrome accents to present a modern and refined aesthetic. The recognisable Hugo Boss logo is emblazoned in chrome on a inlaid band around the diameter of the pen body adjacent to the clip.

The cap pulls off and can be posted on the barrel when writing. Accepts standard rollerball refills and comes complete with a black refill. Presented in a matte black box.


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