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Matt Chrome Hugo Boss Essential Fountain and Ballpoint Set

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Matt Chrome


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Essential info

  • Sleek, finely engraved diamond patterned barrels in matte chrome finish
  • Accepts standard sized ink cartridges/ballpoint refills
  • Well balanced brass barrels
  • Presented as a set in a Hugo Boss gift box


This set brings together the matte chrome fountain and ballpoint pens, offering a single-colour chrome finish to the sleek profiles of the Essential range. Known for having well-balanced brass barrels, the Essential range features finely engraved diamond patterns along the length of the barrel, creating an aesthetically pleasing texture and a tactile writing experience. Matte chrome barrels are complemented by contrasting polished chrome accents.

The cap of the fountain pen posts snuggly on the barrel when writing. Accepts standard ink cartridges. The ballpoint pen uses a twist mechanism to extend and retract the ballpoint. Accepts standard G2 refills.

Presented in a matte black gift box.


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