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Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Nib Unit Medium

Graf Guilloche medium nib unit - 1

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Essential info

  • Medium nib width
  • Replacement nib unit for Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche and Anello Titanium fountain pens
  • Rhodium plated 18 carat gold nib


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Questions (2)

Is the anello nib available as fine? I'm finding the medium nib too heavy in its line. C

Asked by ChrisJ

The Anello/Classic nib has now been discontinued - all Graf pens with the bi-colour nib are now supplied with the Intuition nib:

It's the same nib, but with the new coat of arms and is available in all widths from EF to OB.

Can you supply gold nibs which will fit the Faber Castell Ondoro range?

Asked by maxrmax


The Graf and the Faber-Castell nib units both use the same feed and outer casing - the Graf nib units have the additional brass ferrule which slips over the outer casing of the nib unit - this can be removed and will then fit into the Ondoro and other Faber ranges.

The nib unit for the Guilloche, Classic and Intuition would all be suitable - the only difference being that the Guilloche nib unit is fully rhodium plated, whereas the Classic and Intuition are both bi-colour nibs, with the Intuition bearing the new Graf coat of arms.

If you would like the Ondoro supplied with a Graf nib, let us know and we will change it over for you and charge the difference between the cost of the steel and gold nibs.

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