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Graf von Faber-Castell Classic-Anello Nib Unit

Graf von Faber-Castell bi-colour nib unit Oblique Broad - 1

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Essential info

  • Oblique broad (OB) nib unit
  • Spare nib unit for Graf von Faber-Castell Classic & Anello Fountain pens
  • 18 carat bi-colour gold nib and feeder
  • New Classic and Anello pens are now supplied with the Intuition nib

Reviews (1)

Fine, elegant nib


I've had a Graf von Faber-Castell gold pen for many years and am very happy with it, but I have occasionally dropped it and damaged the nib, hence replacements. Nice to write with, looks very elegant with coat of arms design and gold and silver colours

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Questions (1)

How easy is it to replace the nib and are any specialist tools required?

Asked by Stephen Judd

No specialist tools are required to change the nib unit over - the whole nib and feed (as pictured above) simply unscrews from the metal grip section of the pen.

To change the unit over first remover the converter or ink cartridge, then give the existing unit a quick rinse under running cold tap to remove any excess ink and dab dry with some kitchen towel.

To remove the old nib unit from the grip section, hold the nib and feed (plastic part under the nib) firmly between your thumb and fore finger so the flat of the nib resting on your finger and the feed your thumb and unscrew. The new unit can than be screwed into the grip and you are ready to start writing!

If the pen is older you may find the nib unit slightly harder to unscrew as there may be a build up of ink residue in the feed, if this is the case, soaking the nib unit in water overnight should soften the build-up allowing the existing nib unit to be removed more easily.

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