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Fisher Space Pen Alan Shepard Golf Pen Ballpoint

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Essential info

  • Telescopic space pen with golf ball emblem
  • Convenient and compact - ideal for keeping score
  • Created in celebration of possibly the most famous golf shot in history
  • Writes at any angle on almost any surface - including damp score cards!
  • Accepts Fisher's patented pressurised space pen refill
  • Stored length approximately: 98mm
  • Diameter: 10mm
  • Length extended: 130mm
  • Length retracted: 98mm


This telescopic golf pen is ideal for keeping your golf score reliably. Using Fisher's pressurised space pen refill these pens write at any angle and on almost all surfaces.

Created to celebrate astronaut Alan Shepard's golfing antics during the Apollo 14 moon landing.


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Questions (1)

Hello...I would like to know if the pen point retracts by means of a spring,a twist,a click etc...or doesn't it retract at all ? Thanks.

Asked by Michael Hughes

This pen is "telescopic", that is you pull the top of the pen (the gold ball) and this extends the pen, pulling the upper part of the barrel out to full length at the same time as extending the point of the pen to write with. To "store" the pen simply push the extended part back into the main barrel and the point automatically retracts. The pictures of the pen alone show it extended the picture of the pen in the box shows it retracted.

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