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Fisher space pens - the orignal space pen

Fisher Space Pen AG-7 Astronaut Pen Ballpoint

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Essential info

  • Retractable space pen
  • Chrome plated brass body
  • Exclusively used on all manned space flights
  • Writes at any angle, through grease, underwater, on coated papers, plastics...
  • ...and in space!
  • Diameter: 10mm
  • Length: 128mm


The AG-7 Astronaut space pen is a retractable ball pen with a weighty chrome plated brass barrel.

Fisher's pressurised space pen refill allows the AG-7 to write at any angle and over many surfaces in adverse conditions and of course in zero gravity.

The AG-7 is exclusively used on all manned space flights.

Reviews (2)

Peak pen performance and lavish style


Once I got a hold on the Fisher Space Pen, i knew instantly I'd made a life changing decision. The amazing smooth quality of the pen is only matched by its equally great aesthetic look and feel. What I can only describe as a out-of-this-world magical performance, the pen is by far the best writing tool I've come close to experience before. Writing with it feels like you're flying through air, and gives you a feeling of familiarity and security. It feels as the words themselves are influenced by the elegant technique and I feel that I'm writing more

An iconic, space age design classic


Who needs a pen in the age of smartphones, tablets, laptops and Siri? Well, I do. Otherwise that gorgeous Smythson notebook I bought at Terminal 4 was a complete waste, and I'm not having that! This pen is beautiful to behold, but not so precious/expensive that I'm worried about it getting dinged or scratched. It's a pen I want to use, not an 'objet d'art'. I love the sleek chrome, the grippy grip and the li'l button on the side to retract the nib (though as a lefthander it feels that I could press it accidentally, tho so far this hasn't happened). I like that it's a proper all-in-one pen. I had the bullet pen before, which is a two-parter, feels like a compromise to write with, and two got stolen. Like many stand-out designs, you have to notice this pen to notice how special it is... and once you start admiring it, off you go down the rabbit hole. It is very mod-ish: it's all in the details. Moreover, it writes very smoothly and, famously, upside down. And, of course, this sucker was designed for space - for the Apollo astronauts, that whole man on the moon business. Which is awesome.

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