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Faber-Castell E-Motion Resin Mechanical Pencil

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Black Parquet
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Mechanical Pencil
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Essential info
  • Laser engraved precious resin barrel
  • Accepts standard 1.4mm pencil leads
  • Large eraser under end-cap
  • Laser engraved precious resin barrel
  • Chrome plated cap and trim
  • Articulated clip
  • Part of the 'Red Dot Design Award' winning range
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Length: 128mm
  • Finely engraved barrels offer these resin variations of the pearwood E-Motion a pleasingly textured appearance. Available as a parquet or crocodile finish in black, brown or ivory with an additional 'hibiscus red' finish available as a ballpoint.

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A very nice pencil.
By Matthias
This mechanical pencil accepts 1.4mm pencil leads and comes with B leads. Size-wise these are between Yard-O-Led leads and the leads used in leadholders. I assume that unlike leadholder leads, which are usually sharpened, the Faber-Castell leads are not supposed to be sharpened, as I haven’t seen a dedicated lead sharpener from Faber-Castell. My handwriting is very small, which means that even if I frequently rotate the pen the lines get too wide and I have to starting writing bigger letters – but the lead size might be just right for someone with a bigger handwriting. To propel the lead you have to turn the cap clockwise. Similarly you can get the lead back into the body of the pen, e.g. when putting the pen in a pencil case, by turning the cap anticlockwise. This is different to twist-based mechanisms where turning will unlock and advance the lead. The E-Motion‘s lead stays ‘locked’ all the time. There is also an eraser under the cap. As expected for the big size of the pen’s body this eraser is bigger than what you usually find in mechanical pencils. When you unscrew the cap you can find a storage area on the side of the body that should be able to hold six to eight replacement leads. Unfortunately I couldn’t try out how many exactly will fit as I didn’t have enough leads of this size. A very nice pencil. The spring-type clip is very nice. There is a big eraser for emergencies and the pen can hold several spare leads despite the big diameter of the leads. If normal pencils are too thin or light for you this might be a great alternative, as long as you don’t mind the width of the lead.