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Essential info

  • Medium nib width
  • Gold plated trim
  • Satin brushed stainless steel barrel
  • Slim design
  • Accepts standard cartridge type
  • May be filled from an inkwell using converter - supplied separately


The Traveller pens from Diplomat are traditionally styled slim writing instruments.

Available as ball pen or fountain pen, the Traveller pens are available in three different finishes.

The fountain pen is available with either a fine or medium nib and accepts standard cartridges. The ball pen also accepts standard refills.

Reviews (3)

smooth and light


writes well only got one issue concerns with the cap, seems not very tight adhered if you want to increase the weight of pen.
in certain types of paper, how smoothly the pen can write compared with one of my other pen of lamy, is definately in different level.

Diplomat Traveller


As an Accountant I'm constantly writing numbers in narrow columns so I chose the fine metal nib. For this it's very good but for general writing I'd prefer the medium. It writes very well although not as silky smooth as I would have liked; maybe it will improve with use.
It came with one ink cartridge (blue). The standard cartridge is very small (3cm long)and I would certainly get through a whole pack very quickly. All my local stationery shops didn't sell anything remotely compatable so I invested in a converter and bottle of ink. This is the way to go.
Incidentally, the ink bottle was The Pen Company's 'Delta'. It's supposed to be black but it goes on as a dark grey magenta then turns more black after a while but never fully black. I don't like it and will replace it with something from the Parker ink range.

The converter plus ink bottle is definitely the best option for someone who uses their pen a lot, especially if you are working at your desk and can keep the bottle to hand. Diplomat fountain pens accept the international standard 'short' cartridge, the most commonly found world-wide, and are the size used by Faber, Tombow, Pelikan, Visconti and Delta, to mention just a few, and are generally available: WH Smith for example, keep them, so you have been particularly unlucky in not being able to find any locally.

What constitutes black ink, seems a pretty straightforward concept, but they do vary from brand to brand. Diamine for example produce two different blacks! It's a matter of trying them until you find one which suits, and the Parker Quink spirit based ink may be just what you want.


Good pen


This is the second one of these pens I've bought (the previous one through a shop). Its compact and writes well once the nib has been used for a while. Being a steel nib it takes a bit of time to come around.

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Questions (1)

Hello :) Is the Diplomat Traveller refillable or does it only take cartridges? I am looking for an all metal pen that I can refill from a bottle of ink. Is this the right one or would you suggest something else? It needs to be a very smooth writer. Thank you

Asked by Callie Gauntlett

The Traveller can use either cartridges or a converter to fill from a bottle or inkwell. The Traveller is not supplied with a converter, but it is available separately; see the associated products for the Diplomat converter.

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