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Delta R3 Small Capless Rollerball Refill

Delta Small Rollerball Refill R3 8125



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Essential info

  • Refill for Mini Dolce Vita rollerball pens
  • Part No. 8125
  • Diameter: 7mm
  • Length: 76mm


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Questions (1)

I have a Riva rollerball. Per Riva the number of the refill is 806. Does your refill listed match my pen?

Asked by pete cruz


The Delta refill you have asked about is a shorter than normal refill, and I think is probably not the right refill for your pen.

If the refill you have in your pen looks similar to the Delta one, you are more likely after the full length version of this refill, we have these from Montegrappa (who are part of Tibaldi, who made the Riva pens):

If this looks like your old refill, then it should fit - we have the dimensions listed in the bullet point so you can check the length. If the coloured plastic end of your refill is the same diameter as the main body of the refill, the the refill is different, but if this is the case let me know and I'll direct you to another.

Unfortunately the 806 number on your refill is a batch number and is no use in identifying the refill.

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