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  • Green
  • 30 ml glass bottle with metal cap
  • Attractive red gift box
  • Convenient pen rest on bottle

Reviews (4)

Fantastico - A subjective recension on the Delta brown colored ink


The ink is one of the Inchiostro classico series of the inks offered by Delta of Italy and it is my fourth I bought from TPC after red, bleu, and green. They are all excellent inks.

The ink has a peculiar color, or should I spell couleur in Queen's english. It's not reddish as Waterman's. It's kinda with a very very slight hint of olive/green bias. It's love at first sight for me. Your perception of color differs slightly, due to physiological reasons, from that of mine but I can tell you I really like the ink.

I tried it with the Brause No. 367 nib on a nib carrier, I didn't have a fountain pen I could use immediately, using regular paper such as looseleaf and computer/copier paper, the types of paper I use on regular basis. The ink dries fast with a slight variation depending on the paper. When it dries it becomes a little less saturated in color.

The Pen Company makes sure your order arrives your home in good order by packing it in a steady box filled with plastic filling material. Only the Sherman tank can crash it.

If you are in the market, the ink is more than worth trying.

Delta green ink


The recension is based on my rather subjective and probably biased (I love anything italiana) observation of the Delta green ink.

The ink is excellent. I love its color, ni olivish ni bleuish. Personally I'd like it to be a little darker, or saturated, though. I tried in the Rosetta Terra di Siena with a 1.1 nib and the Faber-Castell eMotion with an EF. The ink flows and writes nicely and dries fast. The color is rendered a little darker with the EF than with the 1.1. An interesting thing is that it turns the eMotion into a 'controlled smoothness' pen. With many other inks, the pen exhibits 'uncontrolled smoothness' characteristics, kind of it goes every whichever way kind of smoothness. But not with the Delta. Very nice.

Excellent ink indeed ! 5 stars on 5. The Pen Company ensures that the ink gets its destination in one piece by packing it securely.

An excellent ink - Delta red ink


The ink is excellent, the color is not orangish not pinkish. It's real red. Real brilliant red. I tried it in a 30 something $ cheapo I got from the States with a M nib. The Ink flows smoothly and dries fast. Also it makes the pen to write less scratchy.

I like the flacon. It's funky in style and l'Art décoish too. It's, however, flat and this might, just like the S.T. Dupont ink, present a problem if you use a pen with a large nib and when the level of the ink goes down as you use it.

I highly recommend this ink for its color and property and when The Pen Company ships, they pack it securely to make sure it arrive its destination in one piece.

5 stars on 5 for both product and service provided by TPC.

Delta bleu ink - an excellent inchiostro


This recension is based on my own rather subjective and probably a little biased observation of the Delta bleu ink due to my loveaffaire with anything italiana.

The ink is another excellent offering from the italian pen company Delta. It has a nice shade of bleu. I used a Brause #361 nib on a nib-carrier and Pelika Pure with an EF nib to check it out. The ink is a smoothwriter and dries fast, I might like a tad darker shade though.

The shape of the flacon is quite different from other mundane ones. I love its l'Art décoish and funky shape with a pen wrest. Its rather flat shape, like S.T. Dupont's, might present a problem with pens equipped with a large nib and when the level of the ink goes down as you use it.

Brava Delta ! 5 stars on 5. I recommend it highly. On top of that, The Pen Company makes sure that it reaches you in one piece by packing it securely. My only gripe is that they don't seem like to ship with tracking or 'signedfor' as they call it in Queen's english for peace of mind as their competitors.

Thx for reading.

Shipping can be upgraded to Tracked at checkout for smaller orders. We give the option of the lower cost un-tracked airmail for small orders as it can work out expensive to ship a single refill or bottle of ink, but there is always the option to choose a tracked sevice.

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