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Delta Dolcevita Oversize Fountain Pen

Delta Dolce Vita Oversize Fountain Pen - 1
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Nib Width


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Essential info

  • Medium nib width
  • 14-carat gold nib
  • Hallmarked Sterling silver trim
  • Platinum plated clip and fittings
  • This 'oversize' fountain pen is the flagship of Delta's Dolcevita range
  • Delta's trademark pearlised orange resin barrel with polished black detail and cap
  • Engraved detailing on cap
  • Each piece individually numbered
  • Accepts standard cartridge type
  • Can be filled from an inkwell using the converter supplied
  • Alternatively, the whole pen barrel can be filled, giving a huge reservoir of ink


Delta's Dolcevita Oversize fountain pen is an important 'outsize' pen embodying Italian design, craftsmanship and their constant strive for luxury.

Finished in Delta's trademark orange with sterling silver details and bi-colour 14-carat gold nib.

The Dolcevita Oversize Fountain pen is supplied a bottle of Delta ink.

The Dolcevita oversize uses a converter/cartridge/dropper filling system allowing filling from an inkwell with the converter or dropper to fill the whole pen barrel or the use of standard sized cartridges.

Reviews (2)

A Magnificent Fountain Pen!


I agree with John about the size of the pen and its nib - it is the fattest pen I own (fatter than a Pelikan M1000) and a pleasure to hold and write with.

The broad nib is smooth and generous with its ink (I'm using Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki - it matches the colour of the pen very well), with no skipping or drying up mid-sentence.

I can confirm its suitability as an eye-dropper too - the minute I got it it was out with the converter and in with a whopping 12ml of the Pilot ink. The barrel thread is well cut and there is a rubber seal too, but just to be totally safe I used a smear of silicone grease on the thread too to ensure no leakage.

I've used the pen for a week now, storing it horizontally, and all is well. This really is a magnificent example of the Italian pen-makers work.



This is a fine pen with a large diameter barrel, yet quite short, about 5.5 inches when closed. The nib is large and flexible. Even the clip has an unusual small wheel, the better to attach to a jacket pocket.

I have only used the converter thus far. The instruction leaflet makes no mention of the pen's capability as an eyedropper filler, so I am a little sceptical of this possibility.

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Questions (1)

Is it true that the barrel can be filled with ink? I bought one of these pens and have only used it with a cartridge converter. There is no mention in the instructions that it can be used as an eyedropper model.

Asked by John Henson

The Oversize Dolcevita maybe used as an eyedropper - simply remove the converter/cartridge and carefully fill the barrel before screwing the grip section back on the front of the pen.

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