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Delta Ballpoint Pen Refill Black Broad Point - 1



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Essential info

  • Broad point 1.2mm line width
  • Part no. D900 1.2
  • Standard type ball pen refill
  • For all 'standard' sized Delta pens - also fit many other makes
  • Diameter: 6mm
  • Length: 98mm

Reviews (2)



A real pleasure to use the broad ball, very smooth action. Lovely to write with.

Glides like Silk!


Delta ballpoint refills are the smoothest writing refills. The ink glides like silk on paper, and even though I live in the United States, it's worth ordering across the ocean to get these. They are not sold everywhere. I truly had to hunt them down, but once you find them, you won't want to write with anything else. Whether you use the medium point or the broad point, these refills are the smoothest!

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Questions (1)

Hi, Can this refill be used with a delta mini trend rollerball pen? I.e. instead of an r4 capless refill d8900? Thanks, Amy

Asked by Amy

Yes, these refills are both the same size and shape (it is a common refill format) and are therefore interchangeable.

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