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Conklin Victory Fountain Pen

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Royal Blue

Nib Width


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Essential info

  • Medium nib width
  • Royal blue finish with dark undulating bands
  • Steel nib available in 5 nib widths
  • Art deco styling
  • Triple lacquered barrel with dark undulating bands
  • Black grip and cap ends contrast with polished chrome accents


The Conklin Victory features a brass body with a captivating lacquer finish to produce a captivating pen with ample weight. Each pen has a unique appearance that combines rich hues with dark undulating bands streaking through triple lacquered barrels. The silky lustre is reminiscent of tiger's eye stone and contrasts to great effect with the polished chrome and black accents. The pressure cap snaps onto the barrel with a satisfying click.

The fountain pen is available in 5 nibs widths and is complemented with a ballpoint to complete the range.


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