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Conklin Nozac Fountain Pen

Toledo Red Conklin Nozac Fountain Pen - 1
Toledo Red Conklin Nozac Fountain Pen - 1 Toledo Red Conklin Nozac Fountain Pen - 2

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Toledo Red

Nib Width


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Essential info

  • Medium nib width
  • Dark maroon marbled with shades of purple, gold, blues and oranges
  • Piston filling mechanism
  • Iridium steel point nib available in 5 widths
  • Based on a classic Conklin octagonal design
  • Marbled acrylic resin combines with silver accents
  • Magnetic closure


The Nozac range breathes new life into Conklin's classic octagonal design with faceted barrels of marbled acrylic resin complemented by silver accents. Each pen captures a enchanting variety of colours with vivid, often contrasting hues swirling throughout the richly coloured blue or burgundy barrels.

The captivating barrels feature Conklin's new magnetic closure design, providing added security and allowing the pen to be carried with confidence. The fountain pen uses Conklin's famed piston filling mechanism, operated by twisting the never ending screw on the barrel end whilst dipping the nib into your ink of choice. The iridium steel nib is available in 5 nib widths.


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