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Caran d'Ache Set of 4 Graphite Pencils Klein Blue

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Klein Blue
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Essential info
  • Set of 4 graphite pencils
  • Premium FSC certified cedar wood
  • Graphite pencils in an ultramarine blue finish featuring the artist's signature
  • 100% natural HB lead
  • Diameter Ø 2.5 mm
  • HB lead gradation: Extra-fine graphite for hatching and superimposing
  • Packaging with the codes and colours of the Caran d’Ache + Klein Blue® collection
  • Packaging dimensions: 210 x 85 x 14 mm
  • Packaging weight 0.060 kg
  • Made in Switzerland
  • A range of writing instruments inspired by the work of avant-garde artist Yves Klein. The collection features seven pens, all in Klein's infinite blue, with each one being a rare limited edition collector's item.
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