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Caran d Ache Converter Push Fit



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Essential info

  • Push-fit converter
  • Fits Leman and Ecridor ranges


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Questions (2)

I have a Caran D'ache ECRiDOR RETRO fountain pen and use catridges, however i would like to use ink but cannot work out how to use convertor , any help or instruction most appreciated Thank you

Asked by Alison

The converter works by twisting the black end - you should see the piston move up and down inside.

1. Attach the converter to the nib/grip section as you would a cartridge.
2. Gently screw the converter so the piston is as close to the opening end as you can get it.
3. Dip the nib of your pen so it is completely submerged in the ink - if it's not you will suck in air rather than ink.
4. Screw the converter back the other way to draw the ink in - you will not get it completely full of ink, there will still be some air in there - don't worry about that.
5. Clean excess ink from your nib/grip with blotting paper or kitchen towel.
6. Assemble pen.

Is the Caran d'Ache Converter Push Fit suitable for the Ecridor XS fountain pen or only the larger model of Ecridor FP?

Asked by Alex Davis

Unfortunately the barrel of the Ecridor XS is too short for a converter to fit, ink cartridges are the only option for this pen.

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