Pelikan Pens

Pelikan's history stretches back to 1832 when the chemist Carl Hornemann founded an ink factory in Hanover Germany. The company was subsequently bought by employee Gunter Wangner in 1871. Wangner took his family emblem, a pelican, for the company logo and Pelikan was born.

Pelikan produced the first bottle of its well-known Series 4001 fountain pen ink in 1901 and it's first fountain pen in 1929, a pen with Pelikan's now trademark green barrel.

Today the Pelikan Souveran fountain pen collection is regarded as one of the finest ranges of fountain pens in the world. The Epoch series - a recent addition - brings modern German design to the Pelikan range.

You will find a review of the Pelikan Pura fountain pen on our blog.

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Souverän 1000

The classic oversize fountain pen revered throughout the world.


Souverän 800

The classic Pelikan fountain pen revered throughout the world.

$233.48 - $325.79

Souverän 600

The classic Pelikan fountain pen revered throughout the world, in the medium 600 size.

$180.27 - $249.77

Souverän 400

The 400 model presents the second smallest in the Souverän range. Five finishes include bright colours in Pelikan's distinctive striped barrels with black resin and a tortoiseshell finish combined with white resin.

$134.39 - $216.10

Souverän M805

The Pelikan Souverän 805 offers a palladium-plated silver counterpart to the globally revered Souverän 800 range. Three distinctive finishes include the 'Stresemann' finish, named after the stylish anthracite pinstripes of the Nobel Peace Prize winning foreign minister, Gustav Stresemann.

$236.74 - $357.28


The Pelikan Griffix children's range progresses in 4 stages as the child's writing skills improve. The first stage is a wax crayon pen which can be held in either hand. After the child has determined which hand they use they then progress onto a chunky 2mm pencil available in right or left handed versions, then on to the fibre tip pen and finally on to the fountain pen.

The Griffix is available in blue, green, red and pink.

$11.57 - $17.32


A fun and modern pen with a twist, with an ergonomic grip section and rubberised finish the Twist is suitable for all age ranges.

$9.27 - $11.32


Original Pelikan refills.