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This site is designed to work with the latest security systems and procedures.

When you enter into the payment procedure, a closed padlock icon appears on your internet browser;

Browser padlock icons

The icon varies slightly according to which browser you use, this icon indicates that the data being transferred between your computer and our secure server is encrypted or 'scrambled', so that if it is intercepted by a third party, all they see is scrambled 'gibberish'. This encription is achieved using 256 bit SSL (secure socket layer) encription, with certificates provided by GeoTrust, the world's second largest Certificate Authority, providing the highest assurance of trust to all its customers. GeoTrust maintains compliance with WebTrust, a comprehensive third-party auditing process which signifies that GeoTrust meets the highest standards for issuing and managing digital certificates.

Secured by RapidSSL

A web address beginning with https:// shows that SSL is being used, so the website is secure. A security certificate allows you to check the credentials of the secure site.

When we receive your data, your name and contact details are stored on a secure server which is secured both electronically via encryption and authentication, and also physically. Your credit card details NEVER go to our site. They are sent directly from our payment page to the banks' payment system via CardSave, a verified secure payment processor. In the event of attempted fraudulent transactions, we reserve the right to retain those transaction details so that they can be passed on to the relevant authorities and where appropriate, shared with other merchants.


Visa, 'Verified by VISA' and MasterCard, 'MasterCard SecureCode' now provide an extra level of security, using '3D Secure' technology.

Verified by Visa logo, MasterCard SecureCode logo

3D Secure is the internet equivalent of the 'Chip and Pin' technology used in normal 'face to face' card transactions.

How Does it Work?

When you make a payment on a 3D Secure enabled site like ours, our system makes contact with the VISA/MasterCard 3D Secure server to find out whether your bank has set up 3D Secure. If it has, it re-directs to your bank to find out if you have enrolled for the service. If you have, your bank makes a direct connection with you (not via our system) and may or may not show you a 'secret' message which you have previously given to your bank. When you receive this 'secret' you know that it is your bank that has contacted you and not someone fraudulently pretending to be your bank. You will then be asked to enter a password or code which you previously gave to your bank when you enrolled for the 3D Secure service. When it receives your password, the bank knows that it is you that is using your card and not someone fraudulently pretending to be you, and will authorise the transaction.

Even if someone else has acquired all of your card and personal details, they can't make a fraudulent transaction on a site which uses 3D Secure technology.

If you use VISA, click here, or MasterCard, click here, to find out if your bank is set up for 3D Secure. You can link from there to your bank's enrollment page.

All the major banks have 3D Secure in place. If yours doesn't and you purchase on-line, it's a good reason to tranfer your card account to one that does!