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Paperblanks Hardcover Wrap Diaries Hardcover Wrap Diaries

Paperblanks hardcover wrap diaries feature a magnetic wrap-around closure to ensure your diary stays securely closed.

Paperblanks Hardcover Diaries Hardcover Diaries

Paperblanks classic hardcover diaries offer an extensive range of attractive and thought-provoking cover designs.

Paperblanks Flexi Softcover Diaries Flexi Diaries

Paperblanks Flexi Softcover Diaries offer a flexible counterpart to their existing hardback cover designs

Paperblanks Diaries - 2020 Diaries & 2019-20 Academic 18 Month Diaries

This section contains all Paperblanks diaries currently available, these include all of the Paperblanks 2020 diary designs & 2019/20 18 Month Academic diaries.

The Paperblanks Academic diaries run for 18 months from the end of June 2019 until December 2020.

2020 Diaries are available to pre order now and will be dispatched as soon as they become available, which should be around the end of September. Your card will not be charged until your order is dispatched.

Don't wait - order now and have the complete range to choose from. If you wait you may miss out on the one you really want!

2020 sees the addition of softcover 'Flexi' diaries to the range in addition to the classic hardcover diaries and hardcover wrap diaries with magnetic closure.

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Android Jones Diary

Android Jones Collection

Android Jones' kaleidoscopic and spiritual works are created in the digital space and are renowned for evoking transcendental states of consciousness. The 'shaman of pop' is a master of electro-mineralism, fusing Eastern iconography with futuristic projections from the realm of science fiction.
Aurelia Diary


$14.02 - $24.81
The Aurelia range showcases the works of book-binding royalty. Pierre-Paul Dubuisson, the craftsman behind this highly embellished binding, became the kings official bookbinder in 1758. A masterpiece of gold-tooled rococo elements representing flowers, foliage and birds, this binding encapsulating the opulence of the French monarchy and originally housed copies of King Louis XV’s procedures for Holy Week.
Paperblanks Embellished manuscripts diaries

Embellished Manuscripts

$14.02 - $24.81
The Embellished Manuscript range inspires the artist within us all by collecting together excerpts, drawings and quotes from some of the greatest creative thinkers of our time. Fill each day with an inspirational snippet from the brilliant minds of Proust, Monet, Schubert, Bach, Lewis Carroll or Bram Stoker.
Paperblanks Equinoxe Diary


This cover reproduces a 1688 binding from the Düsseldorf Museum Kunstpalast. It is decorated in the "Fanfare" style, popular from the 1500's to the 1700's. The time and skill required to produce such a binding ensured that it was only used for the most valuable of books, in this case "L'office de la Semaine Sainte" giving the rites and rituals to be performed during Holy Week, the first full moon after the vernal equinox.
Fall Filigree Diary

Fall Filigree

Paperblanks' Fall Filigree series celebrates the beguiling tones of the changing seasons. The filigree design evokes golden wheat and corn and is complemented by lusciously rich colours.
Paperblanks Japanese Lacquer Ougi diary.

Japanese Lacquer Boxes

The painstaking Maki-e process used to elaborately adorn these decorative boxes is beautifully reproduced on theses diaries. This traditional method uses layers of metallic particles combined with sap to build layers of detail producing vivid and intricate designs. The design here is a 19th century example of this technique, 'Ougi' takes it's inspiration from the natural world featuring two beautifully formed turtles within a more abstract design. 'Ougi' is available in Slim size as horizontal week-to-view and verso (days on the left, notes on the right) formats.
Jewel of Urbino Diary

Jewel of Urbino

$16.18 - $21.57
Formed in the Middle Ages, the walled city of Urbino is a designated World Heritage Site, famed for is legacy of distinctive Renaissance culture. Situated high on a hillside, the Cardinal Giovanni Albani of Urbino enriched the city when he became Pope in the early 18th century and Urbino remains a gem among Europe’s early settlements. The indulgent binding which this diary replicates was translated into French by the Princess Maria Anna Matilde in 1755.
Paperblanks Cat Diary

Laurel Burch - Fantastic Felines

$14.02 - $17.26
These popular diaries featuring the artwork of Canadian artist Laurel Burch and celebrate the playful and fascinating nature of cats. The ideal diary for cat lovers, they feature two cover designs, 'Blue Cats & Butterflies' and 'Mediterranean Cats', available in Midi and Mini size respectively both are available in horizontal week-to-view format. Additionally, 'Blue Cats & Butterflies' is also available in verso (days on the left, notes on the right) format.
Paperblanks Flutterbyes Diary

Laurel Burch - Flutterbyes

$17.26 - $19.42
A self-taught artist, Laurel Burch started her career in San Francisco in the ‘Flower Power’ days of the 1960’s. Always following her own intuition, Laurel developed her own distinctive and much loved style. Her very popular ‘Flutterbyes’ design has been chosen for this diary cover. It is available in mini, midi and maxi sizes and a range of formats.
Paperblanks Laurel Burch Whimsical Creations diaries
These delightful creations from the inventive mind of Laurel Burch have proved very popular and are redolent of the 'flower power' days of her youth in 1960's San Francisco.
Paperblanks Lyon Floral diairies

Lyon Floral

$7.55 - $8.63
Based on French textile designs the images used for these diary covers were taken from master patterns produced in the 1860s. The patterns, featuring floral motifs to create a striking design, were produced using a combination of block printing and hand painting. The filigree Floral is available in various combinations of colour, size and format.
Michiko Kikka Diary


$14.02 - $22.66
Michiko Kamee is a specialist in miniatures and condenses beauty in her small artworks to find its purest distillation. The Kikka diary reproduces Michiko Kamee's "full of chrysanthemum" design, using the Kyo-Satsuma technique, which is painted on to china and emphasizes precision in line and colour choice, accentuated with breathtakingly beautiful gilding.
Mila Marquis Diary

Mila Marquis

Mila Marquis's ethereal dreamscapes feature a mix of pencils, watercolours, goache and acrylics in a creation process which often crosses over into the digital space depending on what's required to realize the artist's vision. These diaries feature a selection of delightful, unashamedly sweet depictions of fairies, fawns and flowers. Guaranteed to that charm anyone awakened to possibility of magic.
Paperblanks Old Leather diary

Old Leather

$14.02 - $22.66
A stalwart of the Paperblanks collection 'Old Leather' beautifully recreates antique leather books using modern printing techniques including embossing and foiling. The original Black Moroccan design combines an intense dark chocolate brown Moroccan leather embellished with handtooled gold.
Paperblanks Old Leather Classics Diary

Old Leather Classics

$14.02 - $24.81
Renaissance-style bookbinding is celebrated in this selection of Old Leather Classics diaries, which combine rich leather hues with the simplicity of a classic binding.
Olena's Garden Diary

Olena's Garden

$16.18 - $19.42
Petrykivka painting is a Ukrainian technique which uses tiny brushes created from cat hairs to create mesmerizing kaleidoscopic visual effects. Olena Skytsiuk uses thousands of small strokes to create these lusciously vivid floral scenes.
Painted Botanicals Diary

Painted Botanicals

$14.02 - $17.26
These Painted Botanicals journals feature images of wisteria and lilies, painted by some of the master horticulturalists and illustrators.
Safavid Diary


Celebrating the art of the Persian Safavid style of 16th century bookbinding, the covers of these diaries feature the intricate geometric patterns of animal and plant motifs that were a hallmark of the style. These bold designs are recreated as Mini, Midi and Ultra size weekly diaries in horizontal week-to-view and day-to-view formats.
Paperblanks Silver Filigree Diary

Silver Filigree

Inspiration for the cover of this diary was taken from the German craftsman of the 1800s who painstakingly overlaid die cut silver sheet onto leather books before hand engraving intricate and elaborate decorative channels onto the silver to further enhance the design. Available in mini, slim, midi and ultra sizes and a range of formats, ten variants in total.
The New Romantics Diary

The New Romantics

$14.02 - $24.81
Much like the New Romantics who brought previous movements in music, art and poetry to new prominence, Paperblanks have revived their Romantic Sensibility designs in bold new colours for the present-day.
Tracy Walker Animal Friends Diary

Tracy Walker - Animal Friends

$7.55 - $8.63
The artist Tracey Walker comes from a town known as “the trail capital of Canada” and finds inspiration in the wildlife that appears around the edges of everyday life. Her alluring artwork combines folk-art with a mid-century feel to present an attractive and charming diary perfect for nature lovers and city-dwellers alike.
Venetian Mornings Diary

Venetian Mornings

$14.02 - $22.66
The covers of these diaries are inspired by a Renaissance book called The Treatise on Colours dating back to the early 1600s and combine ancient bookbinding with contemporary bookmaking techniques. The palette used captures some of the splendid daybreak colours of Venice, from sunlight on the water to the hues of incomparable architecture.
Wonder and Imagination Diary

Wonder & Imagination

American-Moldovan-Soviet painter Victor Nizovtsev uses oil paints to conjure theatrical figures and fantasy landscapes reminiscent of the golden age in children’s book illustration. Dream-like, enchanting images invoke fantastic characters that lie deep in our collective imaginations.