Paperblanks Diaries - 2018 Diaries & 2017-18 Academic 18 Month Diaries

This section contains all Paperblanks diaries currently available, these include all of the Paperblanks 2018 diary designs & 2017/18 18 Month Academic diaries.

The Paperblanks Academic diaries run for 18 months from the end of June 2017 until December 2018.

2018 Diaries are available to pre order now and will be dispatched as soon as they become available, which should be around the end of August. Your card will not be charged until your order is dispatched.

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Chic and Satin

The covers of the Chic &Satin range are, in true Paperblanks style, are reproductions of fabrics of yesteryear.

In this instance the covers are based on samples in a French fabric swatch book from 1880, which would have been perused by the designer of the time.

$7.14 - $8.24

Embellished Manuscripts

The writings of Albert Einstein and Edgar Allen Poe adorn the covers of the Embellished Manuscripts collection of diaries. The hand-written notes of each of these great men are faithfully reproduced and provide a glimpse into their thinking. Variously available in mini, midi and ultra sizes and all formats.



This cover reproduces a 1688 binding from the Düsseldorf Museum Kunstpalast. It is decorated in the "Fanfare" style, popular from the 1500's to the 1700's. The time and skill required to produce such a binding ensured that it was only used for the most valuable of books, in this case "L'office de la Semaine Sainte" giving the rites and rituals to be performed during Holy Week, the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

$7.69 - $10.44

Gold Inlay

Imitation of Renaissance and Romantic era designs was encouraged in the 19th century, with a resulting increase in the level of luxury incorporated by the bookbinder. The cover of the Gold Inlay diaries is a faithful reproduction of a "Stil der Neorenaissance" design, popular in Germany in the 19th century. The original solid metal cover was first covered with a layer of gold, which was then carefully engraved and inlayed. The Gold Inlay diary is available in mini and maxi sizes.

$7.14 - $9.34

Laurel Burch - Fantastic Felines

These popular diaries featuring the artwork of Canadian artist Laurel Burch and celebrate the playful and fascinating nature of cats. The ideal diary for cat lovers, they feature two cover designs, 'Blue Cats & Butterflies' and 'Mediterranean Cats', available in Midi and Mini size respectively both are available in horizontal week-to-view format. Additionally, 'Blue Cats & Butterflies' is also available in verso (days on the left, notes on the right) format.

$7.14 - $8.24

Laurel Burch - Flutterbyes

A self-taught artist, Laurel Burch started her career in San Francisco in the ‘Flower Power’ days of the 1960’s. Always following her own intuition, Laurel developed her own distinctive and much loved style. Her very popular ‘Flutterbyes’ design has been chosen for the 2016 diaries cover. It is available in micro, mini, midi and maxi sizes and a range of formats.

$7.14 - $9.89

Laurel Burch - Spirit of Womankind

'Soul and Tears' was one of the first Laurel Burch artworks used by Paperblanks and has proved enduringly popular, remaining a best seller since its first release.

The diary feature a wrap-around cover with a magnetic closure and beautifully recreates the artist's work. 'Soul and Tears' is available in Mini & Midi sizes, both are available in and horizontal week-to-view format and the mini size is also available in verso (days on the left, notes on the right).

$7.14 - $8.24

Lyon Floral

Based on French textile designs the images used for these diary covers were taken from master patterns produced in the 1860s. The patterns, featuring floral motifs to create a striking design, were produced using a combination of block printing and hand painting.

The filigree Floral is available in various combinations of colour, size and format.

$7.14 - $8.24

Old Leather

A stalwart of the Paperblanks collection 'Old Leather' beautifully recreates antique leather books using modern printing techniques including embossing and foiling.

'Old Leather' is available in two cover designs 'Foiled' (a deep red/brown cover off-set with gold foiling and Black Moroccan (a dark chocolate brown with foiled detail). This collection is the largest in the Paperblanks' diary range consisting of 19 dairies of varying sizes and formats.

$7.14 - $15.38


Celebrating the art of the Persian Safavid style of 16th century bookbinding, the covers of these diaries feature the intricate geometric patterns of animal and plant motifs that were a hallmark of this style. These bold designs are recreated as Mini, Midi and Ultra size weekly diaries in horizontal week-to-view and day-to-view formats.

$8.24 - $10.44


Said to have been commissioned by one of the Safavid princes of Shiraz, this 16th century binding was created on black goatskin which was gilded and painted to produce this delicate filigree design. Faithfully reproduced for these Paperblanks diaries, this binding and it's décor represent one of the finest achievement of this Persian dynasty.

$7.14 - $9.34

Silver Filigree

Inspiration for the cover of this diary was taken from the German craftsman of the 1800s who pains-tackingly overlaid die cut silver sheet onto leather books before hand engraved intricate and elaborate decorative channels onto the silver to further enhance the design. Available in mini, slim, midi and ultra sizes and a range of formats, ten variants in total.

$7.14 - $10.44

Stitched Splendour

From 18th century Spain these intricate covers can be traced back more than two thousand years to Asia where the skill of goldwork on leather was first developed.

The original Spanish books are leather, with a near invisible silk thread fixing metal threads in place to create the intricate cover. This design has been beautifully reproduced using modern print techniques on this diary.


Whimsical Creations

These delightful creations from the inventive mind of Laurel Burch have proved very popular and are redolent of the 'flower power' days of her youth in 1960's San Francisco.

$7.14 - $9.89

Academic 18 Month Diaires

In addition to the standard annual diaries Paperblanks also produce a range of 18 month diaries designed to cover the academic year, including pre-planning, which run from the end of June 2016 to December 2017.