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Luxury and Designer Pens by Brand

Here at The Pen Company we stock a large, varied selection of luxury and designer pens. Brands we stock include: Tombow, Visconti, Pelikan, Sailor, Lamy, Faber-Castell, Graf von Faber-Castell, Diplomat, and Delta. Whether you are wanting a new, beautiful writing tool for your collection, a luxury pen for use in the office and meetings, or a designer pen for home and away – we will stock the right pen for you. Most of our luxury and designer pens can be engraved if you require – for special occasions or for a loved one - and we also stock a collection of limited edition pens which would make a marvellous gift, or a wonderful treat for oneself. Take a look through our luxury pen range and prepare to be wowed!

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Bentley Pens Logo

Bentley Pens

Bentley is a name synonymous with performance and quality, from sporting victory to the last word in luxury.

The Bentley pen collection captures the heritage and prowess of the Bentley brand. All Bentley writing instruments are produced in limited editions, their aesthetics designed to capture the very essence of Bentley design.

Caran d'Ache Pens Logo

Caran d'Ache Pens

The great traditions of precision and quality of Swiss manufacturing are inherent in all of the Caran d'Ache fine writing instruments and accessories ranges. From the unmistakable shape of the Ecridor ranges with their precision engraved finishes, through to the utterly amazing HORLOGERIE 1010, via the Leman, Varius and Hexagonal ranges, Caran d'Ache have created a refined product range, renown throughout the world for its reliability and quality.

Conklin Pens

Conklin Pens

Innovation and high quality have been the focus of The Conklin Pen Company since Roy Conklin founded the company in Toledo, Ohio USA in 1898. They continue to make vivid and unique designs known for their one-of-a-kind resin finishes.

Credited with creating the first practical self-filling mechanism, the 'Crescent Filler', Conklin's quality manufacturing and innovative design soon rose to prominence worldwide.

One such admirer was the great author Mark Twain who became the company's official spokesperson in 1903. In addition to his appreciation of the mechanism Twain discovered another benefit, stating "Also, I prefer it because it is a profanity saver, it cannot roll off the desk."

Cross Pens

Cross Pens

English artisan Richard Cross sailed to America in 1846 to revolutionize the craftsmanship of writing instruments. Cross have been committed to creating beautiful and functional pens ever since.

Recently celebrating 170 years of craftsmanship, Cross continue to be a classic choice for gift-giving, with every Cross pen coming with a lifetime mechanical guarantee.

Cross' selection combines ranges of classic and contemporary designs - from Limited Editions using precious metals and Swarovski crystals to modern multifunction pens celebrating film and comic characters. With expert design and top-caliber manufacturing it's no wonder Cross has been the pen of choice for several American presidents.

Delta Pens Logo

Delta Pens

To maintain full control of all aspects of its business, Delta is one of those rare companies that manufacture all elements of their products themselves. The result is a range of writing instruments and accessories which have the look and feel of inherent quality.

The Dolcevita collection with its trademark orange and black livery and solid feel, remains as popular as ever, while the large and expanding selection of limited edition pens continues to appeal to connoisseurs worldwide.

Markiaro leather accessories, again in the trademark orange and black, boast many subtle design details and refinements which set them apart from the crowd. Artisan-made, the layering and detailed stitch work result in products which are a joy to own. Italy is renown for the quality of its leather goods. Markiaro is among the best of the best.

Diplomat Pens Logo

Diplomat Pens

Diplomat have been making pens in Germany since 1922. From the everyday Traveller range to the rather special Excellence A, all Diplomat pens reflect the design, manufacturing skills and attention to detail that you would expect from a German-made product. Un-fussy and well-balanced, these precision made German writing instruments are a joy to own and use.

Esterbrook Pens

Esterbrook Pens

The Esterbrook brand is a long-standing favourite among fountain pen users and their range of pens offers something to suit aficionados of classic form. The retro designs give a nod to 1930s American design in a nostalgic tribute to the period the brand was first established in Camden, New Jersey by founder Richard Esterbrook.

The Esterbrook brand is renowned for its custom nibs, which are developed in conjunction with exceptional American nibmeisters to provide some truly unique writing experiences for modern times, such as The Journaler by Gena Salorino of the Custom Nib Studio in Los Angeles and and The Scribe by nibmeister Josh Lax. Highly polished blended and turned acrylic barrels offer delightful colour ways in many variations, combined with gold and rhodium accents.

Esterbrook's offering regularly includes highly sought after special editions in limited numbers of a unique colour way, whilst new colours are periodically added to their core collection, inspired by artists such as Alphonse Mucha, the Golden Age of Hollywood and the sea glass that collects on the shores of New Jersey after years of being shaped by the waves. Esterbrook have relaunched with a hugely imaginative range and we are very excited to be a part of their continued creativity and success.

Faber Castell Pens Logo

Faber-Castell Pens

Faber-Castell started making graphite pencils in 1761 and have been in continuous production ever since, making them the oldest pencil manufacturer in the world. The Faber-Castell 'Design' range is a range of high quality writing instruments which exhibit all of the qualities of careful design and precision manufacture that you would expect from a long-established German manufacturer. The 'chunky' and ergodynamically designed e-Motion and the slim, elegant Ambition ranges, form the core of their offering in mid-priced quality writing instruments and both ranges are available with a stained pearwood barrel and a resin barrel. In addition, the resin barrel e-Motion can be supplied in brown, ivory, or black, with either a crocodile, or parquet laser engraved design.

The original Fisher Space Pen made in USA

Fisher Space Pens

It was Paul Fisher who first realised when man started to explore outer space, that there was no existing writing instrument that would function successfully (and safely) in zero gravity. He set about finding a solution and after much experimentation and development of his ideas, followed by extensive testing by NASA, the Fisher Space Pen was finally selected for use by NASA astronauts in 1967.

Since that time, millions of ordinary folk around the world have been able to benefit from this space-travel inspired technology. The pressurised solid ink technology results in a pen that doesn't leak and which writes reliably even on difficult surfaces. The Fisher Space Pen, has subsequently been adopted by the Russian space mission (they don't use pencil, as the conductive graphite is hazardous in the confines of a space vehicle). Back on Earth, Fisher Space Pens are really good for doing crosswords in bed, because they write upside-down!

Graf von Faber-Castell Pens Logo

Graf von Faber-Castell Pens

The company first started making the wood-cased pencil in 1761, but it is the current head of the company, Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell who has been instrumental in developing the successful luxury brand of Graf von Faber-Castell.

The Perfect Pencil, Classic and Guilloche ranges all share the same classic styling, with its timeless elegance. The Slim and Pocket ranges, exquisitely made, with their fine Palladium finish, combine elegance and sophisticated design with everyday practicality. The Intuition and Intuition Platino are the latest additions to the Graf range with their clever combination of carefully polished precious resin and platinum trim.

Hugo Boss Pens

Hugo Boss Pens

Hugo Boss offer a modern and refined selection of pens focussed predominantly around their timeless black and chrome aesthetic. Many of the ranges feature luxuriously textured finishes presenting an attractive and tactile writing experience.

Jack Row Logo

Jack Row Pens

A traditionally trained goldsmith, Jack Row has adopted the latest design and manufacturing technology to extend the possibilities of pen design. Each piece is individually crafted from gold and silver and hand finished in Jack's workshop, situated in the jewellery quarter of Birmingham in the heart of England. Careful hand working by this master craftsman gives each piece an individuality not found in factory-made pens, not even very expensive ones!

Kaweco Pens and Pencils

Kaweco Pens

This old established German brand includes beautifully engineered high quality pens and mechanical pencils. Both slim and elegant, and short and chunky, the Kaweco range provides interesting solutions to those looking for an interesting high quality pen or pencil that is just a bit out of the ordinary.

Lamy Pens Logo

Lamy Pens

The family business of Lamy was started by C Joseph Lamy in Heidelberg in in 1930 and is still operating as an independent family firm in Heidelberg today. The Lamy design ethos can be seen in all of their ranges, from the abc children's pencil through to the dialog3, the world's only retractable fountain pen with a retractable clip.

Lamy has won more international design awards than any other writing instrument maker. Innovative design is matched by high production values, resulting in products which are a joy to own and use, year after year.

Montegrappa Pens

Montegrappa Pens

Montegrappa first started manufacturing gold nibs and fountain pens under the ELMO brand in 1912 and continue to produce the quality Montegrappa brand from the same historic building in Bessano del Grappa, in the north-east of Italy.

Fine italian design, supreme craftsmanship and quality materials are combined to produce some of the best writing instruments available world-wide. Gold nibs and traditional ebonite feeders together with caps and barrels finished to perfection, often using that most iconic of pen-making materials, celluloid result in pens that are sought after and coveted and which are often to be found in the possession of Royalty, heads of state and celebrities of sport, stage and screen.

Parker Pens

Parker Pens

Parker pens are one of the leading brands in the pen industry. The Parker brand offers a wide variety of products, including pens, pencils, refills, ballpoint and rollerball pens. Their focus on the quality of the writing experience has made them a favourite of artists, writers and designers alike. With over a century of heritage and expertise, the French manufacturer continue to reinvigorate the world of writing. Browse our selection of Parker pens below.

Pelikan Pens Logo

Pelikan Pens

The Pelikan company originated in Hanover, Germany, in 1838. This was when chemist Carl Hornimann started to produce artists' colours. The company was sold on and in 1879, the 'Pelikan' trade mark was registered. The company's product range continued to develop to include ink, glue and watercolours and in 1929 the first Pelikan fountain pen was produced.

In the following years, the company developed an international reputation for producing fine writing instruments of exceptional quality. The heart of any fountain pen is the nib and Pelikan pride themselves in the quality of their nibs, Even today, each of their gold nibs is run-in by hand.

PenAgain Pens Logo

PenAgain Pens

The PenAgain has been specifically designed for people who find using a 'standard' pen difficult or uncomfortable. The unique shape enables arthritis sufferers to hold the pen securely with the minimum gripping force. Children with fine motor control difficulties also find that the shape of the PenAgain encourages correct grip and improves control of the pen. PenAgain is also good for those who write for extend periods, as the relaxed grip means that they can write for longer, without aches or fatigue.

Pilot Pens and Pencils

Pilot Pens

Fine writing is the foundation on which Pilot was built. Established in 1918, the Pilot Corporation of Japan has extended its mission of providing the most pleasurable writing experience possible to the UK and has been successful in bringing us many exciting and innovative products.

Pilot's focus on uncompromising quality and technological innovation continues to build upon decades of experience and creativity to offer superior style, quality and writing experience.

Porsche Design Pens

Porsche Design Pens

Designed by the Porsche design team and manufactured in Germany, the Porsche range of writing instruments clearly reflect their automotive heritage and the Porsche design tradition.

Developed over thirty years, the automotive influence in the designs is evident. From the TecFlex braid used by their racing team and featured in the P'3110, to the carbon fibre barrel available in the P'3140, this inspiration has resulted in a range of designs which combine functionality and purity of style. Precision engineering carefully put together, the Porsche Design range of writing instruments are designed for the highest writing comfort with an impressive look and feel.

Sailor Pens Logo

Sailor Pens

The Sailor Pen Company has been making fountain pens in Hiroshima, Japan since 1911. The company was started by Mr Kyugoro Sakata after he was shown a fountain pen by a British sailor. He was so taken with the pen that he determined to make his own. He named the company 'Sailor' in honour of that chance meeting.

Today, as well as their 'every day' ranges, Sailor make some of the world's most exclusive pens, made from fine materials and decorated using traditional Japanese techniques, including MAKI-E lacquer.

The heart of any fountain pen is the nib and the range of Sailor nibs is unparalleled by any other manufacturer. The gold nibs are 21 carat and include the famous 'Naginata Togi' and the amazing 'King Eagle' triple layered nib, hand made by Mr Nobuyoshi Nagahara, which is generally considered by those than know, to be the epitome of writing perfection.

Schneider Pens

Schneider Pens

Schneider manufacture a wide range of high quality pens and markers, as well as a large selection of high quality German-made 'standard' size refills which will fit the majority of other brands of pen. Schneider have lead the way in their commitment to developing environmentally friendly materials and their use of renewable energy.

Sheaffer Pens Logo

Sheaffer Pens

A jeweller by training, Walter A Sheaffer began experimenting in making pens in Fort Madison, Iowa USA in 1907. By 1908 he had his first patent and in 1912 he started production of his patent lever action pen in his own factory, with a workforce of seven. Production grew rapidly with the 50 millionth pen coming off the production line in 1951.

Sheaffer continue to make quality fountain pens, easily identified by the iconic white dot. These include the instantly recognisable Valour, with it's unmistakable inlaid nib.

S.T. Dupont

S.T. Dupont Pens

World-renown as a manufacturer of luxury travel goods, S T Dupont turned their attention to the manufacture of lighters in 1941, when wartime austerity made both materials and customers scarce. In 1973, they diversified again, this time turning their attention to the creation of a luxury ballpoint pen, the Classique. Their pen collection has continued to expand and now includes fountain pens and rollerballs, as well as the ballpoint. The pen company stock the Défi, Liberté and Classique ranges and all other S T Dupont pen ranges can be rapidly supplied to order.

Staedtler Pens and Pencils

Staedtler Pens

Steadtler is an old-established German manufacturing company employing the latest developments in technology to produce industry-leading writing equipment. Aware of the need to look after the environment, Staedtler are careful in the way they both source and use materials to produce these technologically innovative products.

Tombow Pens Logo

Tombow Pens

Tombow pens have been precision made in Japan since 1913. Careful, innovative design and precision manufacture are the hallmarks of Tombow products. As well as standard size pens, Tombow produce some of the slimmest and lightest pens available. The 101 Carbon Fibre range is extremely light weight and includes the 101 Fountain pen - the lightest full-size fountain pen in the world. It looks good too.

Visconti Pens Logo

Visconti Pens

Established in 1988 and based in a fifteenth century Florentine villa, Visconti was set up by two pen enthusiasts with the objective of re-creating the style and feel of vintage pens and in particular re-visiting the forgotten art of creating pens using celluloid. Since then, Visconti has been in a constant quest to develop ever more sophisticated systems and designs utilising both traditional craft skills and some of the most advanced manufacturing technology available in the pen world.

The result is an exclusive collection of beautiful and technically advanced pens, sought after by connoisseurs world wide.

Waterman Pens

Waterman Pens

Waterman is a luxury pen manufacturer based in France. They specialize in a selection of high-quality pens, with a particular focus on fountain pens. Legend has it that in 1884 Lewis Edson Waterman invented a new fountain pen technology after losing a big sale with a client due to a leaky fountain pen. A few years later Waterman Pens received the gold medal of Excellence at the “Exposition Universelle” in Paris. This famed level of design and manufacturing continues to the current day.