Lamy Pens

Lamy are a family owned company based in Heidelberg, Germany. Approaching the design of writing instruments with a modern outlook, their product’s aesthetics are derived from functionality first. Manufactured to the highest standard using high-tech, precision techniques, each piece is beautifully made.

The Lamy range includes their renowned multifunction pens, fountain pens, rollerball and ball pens, and also mechanical pencils.

Lamy produce a wide range of writing instruments from pens suitable for school use, to those which are equally comfortable on any professional's desk.

The Safari collection is popular for its crisp, modern design paired with fun bright colours; each year Lamy produce a special edition colour option, making this range quite unique within the quality pen market, and excellent value for money.

You can read a review on the Lamy AL-Star bluegreen Special Edition pen on our blog.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us as we are able to supply you with any item from the Lamy collection.



The original Lamy 2000 in brushed resin, available in ball pen, roller ball, fountain pen and 4 in 1 multifunction pen.

$49.45 - $181.67

2000 Stainless Steel

The latest in the iconic Lamy 2000 series, is machined from solid Stainless Steel giving it a very sturdy feel and great durability, combined with the elegant 2000 shape.

Available as a ballpoint pen, rollerball and fountain pen with 14K gold shrouded nib.

$136.25 - $257.36

2000 Taxus

The Lamy 2000, a classic design from the 1960s. Available as a ball pen.


2000 Taxus Desk Set

The Lamy 2000 Taxus Desk Set is comprised of the classic Lamy 2000 grenadilla ballpoint pen and a weighty base, turned from solid hardwood. The simple spherical base features a stainless steel escutcheon with a rubber liner, which holds the pen securely and without marking. Together, this base and the elegant 2000 ball pen, both finished to a very high standard, form an eye-catching and practical solution to the perennial problem of finding a permanent, reliable and handy location.



As the name implies the Lamy 4pen is a multifunction pen finished in palladium or black aluminum. Available with either ball pen, highlighter, stylus and pencil or 3 ball pens and a pencil.



Lamy abc Fountain pens and pencils are designed to be child's first pen/pencil, but also are proving popular with adults.

$9.59 - $13.02


The Lamy Accent collection are finished in a brilliant lacquer. The polished jet-black surface of the barrel is off-set with a grip of either briar wood or rhodium rings set in polished black acrylic.

$42.89 - $131.20


The Lamy Al-Star pens share the same design as the Safari pens including the ergonomic triangular grip. The defining feature of the Al-star is the anodised aluminium body, making them a little more grown-up than the Safari - although this comes down to personal taste!

$17.16 - $26.75


Lamy's cp1 collection are slim & rugged, superbly made with metal barrels and substantial articulated clips. Available as ball pen, fountain pen and mechanical pencil.

$30.18 - $146.34

Dialog 1

An avant garde modern ballpoint pen designed by Richard Sapper.


Dialog 2

Retractable cap-less roller ball designed by Knud Holscher



As its name suggests, the econ is a minimalist design with a spare elegance.

$15.64 - $18.07


The Ink-X ink eradicator pen has been designed to work with Lamy blue washable ink. The Ink-X is available in fine and broad.


Joy AL Calligraphy Pen

The Lamy Joy AL calligraphy pen has a matt black barrel and anodised aluminium cap. The grip section has the Lamy triangular design for comfort and is available with a choice of three nib widths: 1.1, 1.5 and 1.9mm. The Joy AL comes complete with one Lamy T10 cartridge and will also accept the Lamy Z24 converter (available separately), allowing it to be filled from an ink well.


Joy AL Calligraphy Pen Set

The Lamy Joy AL is the ideal set for anyone wanting a calligraphic fountain pen. The set contains three nib sections with 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm stub nibs. The set is presented in a metal storage box and comes with the Lamy Creative Writing guide


Joy Calligraphy Pen Set

The Lamy Joy calligraphy set provides all that is needed to experience the art of calligraphy. The three different width stub nib units, benefit from the reliability and smooth flow for which the Lamy nib system is renown, enabling the writer to truly experience the joy of this art form.

The set is complete with Lamy ink cartridges, two 'pop-on' caps to seal the nib units not being used, and an introductory leaflet, all secure in a metal case.


Joy Calligraphy Pens

Lamy Joy pens have a tapered extended length barrel which is used without the cap posted, giving the balance and comfort needed for calligraphic writing. The Joy is available with a stub nib in three widths: 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm.

If you would like to use the Joy for general writing, it can be supplied with any of the Lamy nibs from extra fine to broad, on request.



Top of the Lamy Logo range, this stainless steel version has a brushed finish with chrome plated trim and is slightly heavier and more substantial than the other Logo versions.

The brushed stainless steel version is available as a ballpoint pen, rollerball pen, mechanical pencil, multi-function pen (ballpoint and pencil) and as a fountain pen, which is supplied with a converter to enable filling from an inkwell, as well as using Lamy T10 cartridges.

$12.62 - $30.18

Logo M

The economical plastic-bodied Logo is an ideal pen for everyday use at home, work or school.

Winner of the Red Dot 'best of the best' for product design and the prestigious iF design award.


Logo M+

Polished steel accents set the Logo M+ apart from the original Logo M - winner of the Red Dot 'best of the best' for product design and the prestigious iF design award.


Logo Office

The Logo Office collection are metal bodied workman-like pens for everyday use.

Winner of the Red Dot 'best of the best' for product design and the prestigious iF design award.

$6.56 - $27.15


Lamy invite you to 'live dulux' with their stylish range of aluminium pens. Sophisticated anodised finishes are complemented with precious metals of rose gold, palladium, ruthenium and gold.

$27.75 - $47.94


The colourful Lamy Nexx has a triangular anodised aluminium barrel, with a cap in either green, red, pink or blue. The grip is the same shape as found on the Lamy Safari pens, to promote a good holding style, with the added advantage of a soft rubber coating to reduce fatigue.

$15.64 - $16.05

Nexx M

A slightly more sophisticated version of the Nexx, the Lamy Nexx M features a cap with metal clip and trim, perfect for school or office use.



A handy, economical ball pen that writes with the fluidity and precision of a Lamy refill.

Winner of 'The Good Design Award' from the Museum of Modern Art, New York.


Noto M

The popular Noto pen with the addition of a metalic lacquer finish to the front part.

Winner of 'The Good Design Award' from the Museum of Modern Art, New York.



The Lamy Pico is a telescopic ball pen ideal for the pocket or purse.

$32.80 - $37.24


Top quality rugged pens for school. The Lamy Safari fountain pen is possibly the most popular classroom pen and certainly out-sells anything else for this use both from our shop and website.

The ergonomic grip design encourages correct grip of the pen to aid handwriting and reduce fatigue and writers cramp.

Available in several colours as a fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen and also as a mechanical pencil.

$9.99 - $19.08

Safari Pastels 2019

Lamy bring three new pastel designs to their popular Safari design. Light blue, mint and rose finishes offer softer hues to this widely popular classroom and office pen.

$11.00 - $19.08


Ultra clean lines give the new Lamy Scala a very modern feel.

$60.56 - $80.74


The Lamy Screen is a compact pen providing the functions of both ball pen and touch screen stylus. It is fully retractable and each end is extended by turning the grip in one direction or the other. The stylus is designed to work with capacitive touch screens and so will work with both smart phones and tablet computers.

The Lamy Screen is availble in four colours: red, blue, silver and white.



Short and chunky the Lamy Scribble is a nice range consisting of a ball pen and mechanical pencils ideal for sketching with. Lead widths of 0.7 or 3.15mm.

$29.27 - $32.80


Lamy st are slender writing instruments available as a fountain pen, ball pen, mechanical pencil or in a variety of twin and tri function multifunction pens.

$18.67 - $39.36


Strikingly elegant the Lamy Studio collection is avaliable as a ballpoint, rollerball, fountain pen or multifunction pen.

$39.36 - $151.39


The Swift combines clean, straight-lined profiles with stylised circular perforations at the grip section. Available in a variety of high quality finishes including soft lacquer, palladium and platinum plating.

$30.18 - $39.36


The Tipo retractable rollerball pen, available with either plastic or anodized aluminium barrel and black plastic grip.

$7.57 - $7.97


The Lamy Vista collection comprises of fascinating transparent fountain pen, rollerball and ball point pens and mechanical pencil.

$11.00 - $20.08

Pen Cases

Lamy pen cases are available for one or two standard size pens with specific variants available for the Pico and Dialog 3.


Lamy refills for pens and pencils. We carry the complete collection of Lamy pen refills for all Lamy models.