Kaweco Pens

Originally founded in 1883, Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik produced wooden dip pens. In 1889, in a commercial relationship with Morton, New York, the Kaweco brand was born offering fountain pens and gold nibs. Kaweco are now one of the oldest German brands available. Many current pens still carry the three part circle logo containing KA WE CO which was originally adopted in 1930 with the merging of Kaweco and Aurumia. Kaweco survived both World Wars and started production again in 1945, celebrating 130 years in 2013.

Every aspect of a Kaweco product exhibits the high standards and quality assurance that Kaweco strive for giving a beautifully engineered product that will last for decades and be a joy to own and use.


AL Sport

The design of the Kaweco AL Sport has been around for some time and has been developed and refined over the years to it's current state of perfection! The AL Sport is machined from solid aluminium and is available in a range of anodised colours as well as black and a 'raw' aluminium finish designed to wear-in to a highly burnished finish over time.

The Kaweco AL Sport is available as fountain pen, ball pen, gel roller and mechanical pencil.

$47.59 - $60.03

Brass Sport

The same design and size as the AL Sport, the Kaweco Brass Sport is a substantial, heavy pen with the Sport Brass Fountain pen weighing in at 44 grams, making it the heaviest Kaweco pen available. Produced with a 'raw' uncoated surface which is designed to wear to a highly burnished finish over time, so that no two pens will ever have exactly the same appearance.

Machined from solid brass, the Kaweco Brass Sport is available as fountain pen, ball pen, gel roller and mechanical pencil.

$51.32 - $64.80


German engineering in a compact form. The Kaweco Liliput range of compact fountain pens and ball pens are all machined from the solid, making them very tough and durable. The fountain pen is available in five metal finishes including the unusual 'Fire Blue' oxidised finish, as well as black lacquer. The ball pen is available in four finishes and utilises the super-smooth heart cam mechanism.

$37.32 - $124.41


The Kaweco Supra is two pens in one. This dual length pen is machined from solid brass making it very durable and comes with a separate extender allowing it's length to be changed by 31mm when necessary. It is a pocket pen when you need it and a desk pen when you need a full size fountain pen.