Hugo Boss Pens

Hugo Boss are a market leader in premium and luxury goods. Synonymous with fashion, the brand covers a comprehensive range of products including apparel, watches, fragrances and writing instruments.


Essential Striped

The Hugo Boss 'Essential Striped' range features long stripes engraved along the barrel. Glossy black bodies and chrome accents combine to present a modern and refined aesthetic.

$75.54 - $85.61


The Hugo Boss 'Icon' range exudes timeless elegance. Luxurious yet simplistic.

$75.54 - $85.61

Pure Black

Hugo Boss 'Pure Black' pens use tapered, modern lines and structural simplicity. Finished in black and chrome with a tactile engraved barrel.


Sophisticated Diamond

The 'Sophisticated Diamond' ballpoint pen has a chrome cap with an attractive and intricately engraved diamond pattern.