Fisher Space Pen - The original space pen

The Fisher Space Pen is the space pen; the only pen ever to be used in space. The AG-7 'Astronaut' space pen was first used on the Apollo 7 mission, is the only pen that has been to the moon, and is still used today by all American, Russian, European and International Space projects.

Fisher produces a range of space pens all built around the Fisher pressurised refill. The refill uses a thixotropic ink which remains solid until 'stirred' by the ball point, a nitrogen gas plug ensures a steady flow of ink at any angle, hence, the pen is not reliant on gravity to draw the ink from the pen.

Fisher space pens write on glossy surface such as plastics and coated papers, they even write through grease and underwater. Fisher pens are capable of writing at extreme temperatures from -35 to 121 Celsius. They are also good for doing the crossword in bed!

Fisher produces several ranges of space pens; the renowned 'AG-7 Astronaut' pen, the slighter, retractable 'Shuttle' range and the iconic 'Bullet' space pen, which, has been awarded many design awards and displayed in the Museum of Modern Art.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us as we are able to supply any item from the Fisher Space Pen collection.


Bullet Space Pen

Cited as an outstanding example of industrial art, the classic design of the Fisher Bullet space pen has been exhibited for years in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

The Bullet pen's timeless styling has been the topic of many art books and magazine articles and continues to be Fisher's most popular space pen.

Not only is it stylish but it works! Benefiting from Fisher's pressurised space pen refill allowing it to write at any angle and over many surfaces in adverse conditions.

The Fisher Bullet space pen's compact closed size allows it to be easily stored in any pocket or bag, but, open it forms a full length pen for comfy, reliable writing.

$27.15 - $58.55

Bullet with Slip Case

The leather case in this gift set provides the perfect accompaniment for Fisher's most popular space pen. Paired with a slip case in a matching or complementary colour and displayed in an attractive presentation box, this is an excellent gift choice and perfect if you're planning on carrying your pen with you.

$33.85 - $38.56

Deluxe Grip bullet with Stylus

These Deluxe Bullet Space Pens have a capitative stylus which is ideal for use with modern touch screens like those on ipads and other tablets.

An ideal union of modern computing technology and the pinnacle of ballpoint pen technology.


Bullet with Shuttle Emblem

The classic Fisher bullet space pen with the addition of a gold plated shuttle emblem. Available in polished chrome or matt black.


AG-7 Astronaut Space Pen

The original space pen used on the Apollo missions.

The AG-7 Astronaut pen is a retractable space pen. The only pen used on all manned space flights.


338 Bullet Pen

Fisher extend their popular bullet range with this 338 model, housing their famous space pen refill in a genuine 338 bullet cartridge.


375 Bullet Pen

Following the cult success of the original 'bullet' space pen Fisher have extended the range with what can only be described as a 'real' bullet pen, using a barrel formed from a genuine 375 bullet cartridge.


Shuttle Grid

The slim Shuttle pen engraved with a grid pattern in either black or gold.


Shuttle Space Pen

The Shuttle pen is a slight retractable space pen manufactured from brass.

Fisher's pressurised refill allows the Shuttle to write at any angle and over many surfaces in adverse conditions and of course in zero gravity.

$42.85 - $54.36

Shuttle with Shuttle Emblem

The Fisher Shuttle space pen with the addition of a gold plated shuttle emblem on the clip.


Bullet Golf Pen

The Golf pen from Fisher Space Pen is based on their classic Bullet pen.

The Golf Bullet pen benefits from Fisher's pressurised refill allowing it to write at any angle and over many surfaces in adverse conditions - making it ideal for writing on a damp score card.

A must for every keen Golfer.

$34.01 - $41.80

Q4 Multifunction Space Pen

The Fisher Q4 multifunction space pen houses two ball pens, 0.7mm propelling pencil and a stylus in an attractive gun metal barrel.

The function of the Q4 is simply selected with the push button, an eraser is handily concealed under the cap.

The stylus is intended for use with touch screen computing devices.

The Q4 benefits Fisher's pressurised space pen refill technology giving smooth reliable writing at any angle.


Trekker Space Pen

The Fisher Trekker is a pen for the outdoors supplied with a lanyard, mini karabiner and key rig attatchemnt the Trekker pen is always at hand.

Benefiting from Fisher's superior pressurised space pen technology, the Trekker pen will write on damp, shiny and greasy surfaces at any angle at the extremes of the temperature range.


X-750 Explorer Space Pen

The Fisher X-750 Explorer Space Pen is a compact pen finished to Fisher's usual high standards.

The X-750 Explorer pen has an ergonomic rubber grip and a cap with a sprung clip.

The X-750 also features Fisher's superior quality pressurised space pen refill.


Telescopic Space Pen

This neat space pen extends from a compact storage size to a full size pen with a swift pull.

As this pen uses Fisher's pressurised space pen refill it will write at any angle and over nearly every surface.


Alan Shepard Golf Pen

This telescopic golf pen is ideal for keeping your golf score reliably. Using Fisher's pressurised space pen refill these pens write at any angle and on almost all surfaces.

Created to celebrate astronaut Alan Shepard's golfing antics during the Apollo 14 moon landing.


Space Pen Refills

Fisher Space pen refills in all sizes, point widths and colours available. The original pressurised Space Pen refill.