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Esterbrook Pens

The Esterbrook brand is a long-standing favourite among fountain pen users and their range of pens offers something to suit aficionados of classic form. The retro designs give a nod to 1930s American design in a nostalgic tribute to the period the brand was first established in Camden, New Jersey by founder Richard Esterbrook.

The Esterbrook brand is renowned for its custom nibs, which are developed in conjunction with exceptional American nibmeisters to provide some truly unique writing experiences for modern times, such as The Journaler by Gena Salorino of the Custom Nib Studio in Los Angeles and and The Scribe by nibmeister Josh Lax. Highly polished blended and turned acrylic barrels offer delightful colour ways in many variations, combined with gold and rhodium accents.

Esterbrook's offering regularly includes highly sought after special editions in limited numbers of a unique colour way, whilst new colours are periodically added to their core collection, inspired by artists such as Alphonse Mucha, the Golden Age of Hollywood and the sea glass that collects on the shores of New Jersey after years of being shaped by the waves. Esterbrook have relaunched with a hugely imaginative range and we are very excited to be a part of their continued creativity and success.

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Esterbrook Camden Fountain Pen


£132.00 - £321.50
The Camden is named after the city where Richard Esterbrook established the Esterbrook Pen Company. The pen harkens back to 1930s when Camden, New Jersey was at its most prosperous and home to some of important innovations during that decade.
Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen


£112.50 - £225.00
Short for Esterbrook, the Estie design incorporates 1930s nostalgia and pays tribute to American writing instruments during an iconic period in its history.
Esterbrook Estie Oversize Fountain Pen

Estie Oversize

£187.00 - £261.50
The Estie is a tribute to the Esterbrook brand and its storied history. Short for Esterbrook, it evokes feelings of 1930s nostalgia with an aesthetic that pays homage to pen making during that time period. This oversize version provides a perfect variation for those who like the feel of a larger pen.
Esterbrook JR Pocket Pen Fountain Pen

JR Pocket Pen

£135.00 - £205.50
The Esterbrook JR Pocket Pen is a tribute to the original, sleek and classic 1940s pen that appealed to the practicality of its times. The new version features an acrylic turned barrel with threaded cap for comfortable writing; an ergonomic grip & metal clip compatible with most pockets & briefcases.
Esterbrook Esterbrook Pen Cases Pen Case

Esterbrook Pen Cases

£76.50 - £157.50
The Nook range is a perfect companion for your daily writing needs, housing between 1 to 12 pens in Grained British Tan leatherette with white stitching and gold hardware. The interior includes individual cushioned sections secured with elastic straps for safekeeping, featuring a brown and orange lining patterned with the Esterbrook Eternity symbol.
Esterbrook Refills

Esterbrook Refills

Refill your Esterbrook pens with these compatible inks and refills, including bottled ink in shimmering hues.