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Wallets, Purses & Small Accessories

A selection of Wallets, Purses & Small Accessories including cufflinks, crafted with the high-quality materials by some of the world's leading writing instrument manufacturers and luxury brands.
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For the sartorially sophisticated. Cufflinks crafted with high-quality materials by some of the world's leading writing instrument manufacturers and luxury brands.
Coin Purses

Coin Purses

Small accessories are used to accessorize and prettify other products. We offer a wide range of different kinds of small accessories, such as cufflinks, keyrings, wallets and purses. These can be used to smarten up your outfit, or to store small objects.


Key rings are attached to keys and used to prevent the keys from tangling or scratching each other. Typically, key rings are made of durable materials such as metal or leather. They can come in a wide variety of colors - the more colorful the better!
Phone Cases

Phone Cases

Mobile phone accessories can be used to enhance the performance of your mobile phone. Our phone cases and phone covers can be used to personalize your phone's appearance with world-quality design whilst increasing its durability and ruggedness.


Purses and wallets are conceptualized differently by different brands. For example, some companies may classify a purse as a small clutch, while another company may classify the same item as a wallet. Choose a purse or wallet depending on your specific needs.
USB Keyrings

USB Keyrings

Secure your keys and carry your data with our selection of USB key rings. USB flash drives are a storage device for digital data, the size of a normal pen drive, useful for storing large amounts of data electronically. Our USB key rings provide a stylish way to make sure you've always got your flash drive on hand.


Well-made accessories are a sign of an individual who takes pride in their appearance. Wallets are a particularly personal choice, as they are used to carry and transport money and cards. Browse our selection for something that suits your tastes.