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Shin-Kai Pilot Bottled Iroshizuku Ink

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  • Shin-Kae
  • Available in 24 sublime shades
  • 50 ml 'last drop' glass bottle
  • Iroshizuku (iro = colouring, shizuku = droplet) ink from the Pilot Pen Company gives the opportunity to experience this subtle range of colours inspired by the natural landscapes of Japan. The 24 shades of Iroshizuku ink allow you to experience first hand the refinement of the Japanese colour aesthetic.

    Available in the 50 ml 'last drop' bottle, you will be able to fill your pen, right to the last drop without the need to tilt the bottle.

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Beautiful ink, new favorite
By Amanda O
I am currently obsessed with these inks. I own four (ajisai, fuyu-gaki, ku-jaku, and tsutsuji) and I have to stop myself from ordering other colors as well. The downside would be that the vibrant color reflects in that they bleed through to the other side of the page if you use thin paper notebooks such as Moleskine, even in combination with a very fine nib. The initial sentences with the pink, tsutsuji, tend to turn more toward red, which I find a hint frustrating, but it's not enough to keep me from trying out more of them. I have my eye on chiku-rin and momiji next!