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Lamy Ink-x Ink Remover - Broad

Sorry, this variation is currently unavailable
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Essential info
  • Broad eraser tip
  • One way ink eradicator
  • Works with washable (royal) blue foutain pen ink
  • Blue correction tip on opposite end
  • Length: 165mm
  • Diameter: 10mm
  • The ink-x can be used to erase washable (royal) blue fountain pen ink from the page. On the reverse end is a permanent blue ink correction tip, which can be used to write over the erased section.

    Available with fine, medium or broad eraser tip.

Reviews (2)
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It does work but not as I expected.
By Simple Simon
At first, I thought this was as simple and clever as a pencil; write with one end, erase with the other. But no: This is for erasing and then over-writing something written in 'royal blue ink' with a fountain pen. This it does pretty well.
4 stars
By Charli
Amazing but slightly unfortunate that doesn't erase black well but wold definitely recommend