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Kaweco Calligraphy Mini Set Fountain Pen

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Fountain Pen
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Essential info
  • Mini calligraphy set based on the Skyline Sport model
  • 1.5mm & 2.3mm nibs included
  • Nib supplied as nib/grip unit assembly with 1 cover cap
  • 1 pack of Pearl Black cartridges
  • Length capped: 106mm
  • Length posted: 135mm
  • Length: 100mm
  • Kaweco's mini 'Kalligrafie' set is based on the Skyline Sport model and comes complete with 1.5mm and 2.3mm nibs, a nib cover and a pack of cartridges - all you need to get started with calligraphy.

    The additional nib is supplied as a complete nib/grip/feed assembly, so there is no need for tricky removal/refitting - just swap over the whole assembly without any mess. The cover cap also helps to keep things clean when swapping between the different sizes, although we would recommend a flush through with water if the pen won't be used for some time.

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