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Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil Graphite Pencil

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Graphite Pencil
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Graf von Faber-Castell
Essential info
  • Replaceable eraser under the end-cap of the pencil
  • Pencil extender features an articulated clip and a concealed sharpener
  • Platinum plated pencil extender
  • Diameter: 9mm
  • Length capped: 154mm
  • Length posted: 170mm
  • The Perfect Pencil is based on Graf von Faber Castell's 19th century notecase pencil.

    The extender is practical; housing a pencil sharpener and an articulated clip, it also protects the point of the pencil. A replaceable eraser is housed under the end cap of the pencil itself. The extender adds weight and luxury to the pencil.

    The Perfect Pencil is available with either a platinum plated or solid sterling silver extender. The platinum plated version is available with a choice of either black or brown pencil, the Sterling Silver version is available in brown only.

    The pencils themselves are made from elegantly fluted, luxurious Californian cedar wood, a silky fine grained wood.

    Replacement No.V pocket pencils are available in boxes of five in both black and brown.

Reviews (2)
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By Shyam Kumar
It's a great product. I carry it on my person during my work day. I wear formal clothing and this compliments it perfectly. It's of such good quality. It's a great luxury product for those of us who write with fountain pens but also want an exquisite pencil to work with.
By Rosie Dewhurst
I gave one of these pencils to my husband a few years ago and it has been a constant source of pleasure to him - he uses it on a daily basis. We were away recently and he took it with him and, alas! when we got home he was deeply upset when he couldn't find it. So I bought him another - and promptly found the missing one. Never mind; it really is absolutely excellent; beautifully balanced and he loves having the sharpener there, to say nothing of the eraser, and the way the top reverses and protects the point. They've thought of everything.